My Story

Hello, Beauty!! 🙂

If you’ve landed on this page, it is because you are curious about me, who I am and what I’m about! Before I get into that, I want to thank you for visiting me here, at the School of Energy. I believe that each one of us has the ability and power to live a blissful life, you just need to believe it. If you have found yourself here, then you believe it too (even if it is just a curiosity for now) …

Kerry Campbell, School of Energy

My name is Kerry! I am the creator of School of Energy and Where Hum Rests. I am a momma to 12-year-old girl and 20-month-old little guy. Being a mom truly brings me an abundance of love, joy, and fulfillment, and teaches me so much every day.

Professionally speaking, I am a Transpersonal Practitioner, Coach & Teacher, a Conscious Parenting Coach, a Spiritual Mentor and Counsellor, a Certified Chakra Specialist, a Certified Holistic Tarot Reader, a Certified Vibrational Crystal Healer, an Independent Usui Reiki Master, Buddhic Boost & Lightarian Reiki™ Master, MunayKi Teacher, a practicing Medicine Woman, and shamanic medicine teacher ,and I am currently in the process of completing my Ph.D in Metaphysical Education.

I am a huge crystal junkie, an essential oil lover and passionate about living, and teaching about, a holistic, balanced lifestyle.

The School of Energy started as a blog, Where Hum Rests, for Holistic Self-Healing and Personal Development, and, was originally created as a place to share my own personal transformation and spiritual development in the hopes that it would encourage and inspire others along their own journeys.

Since then, Where Hum Rests has come a long way, and, in a matter or words, grown up! This beautiful space I created has bloomed into a place where like-minded individuals come together to learn about the many different ways that they can become knowledgeable and confident Transpersonal self-healers, practitioners, and even teachers of Metaphysical Energetics, for their own health and well-being, the health and well-being of their friends and families, and even within their communities.

I use a variety of holistic, non-invasive tools for physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic self-healing through the Chakras; Energy Healing, Mindset Correction, Emotional Healing, Healing Crystals, Essential Oils, and Holistic Tarot. I incorporate these tools and methods into my own personal everyday practice, as well as use and recommend them in treatments and coaching sessions with my clients and students.

On these pages you will find my truths, my thoughts, and my opinions, however, I do not preach this, and my truth is by no means your truth. I will be overjoyed if something resonates with you, but just as happy for you to leave it if it doesn’t.

School of Energy – Academy of Metaphysical Energetics.

The School of Energy offers education in topics of Metaphysical Energetics; like Reiki, Advanced Reiki Training for Masters, Vibrational Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Transpersonal Coaching, Transpersonal Tarot Reading, as well as how to use these various modalities as tools for personal health, well-being and spiritual transformation in practical and easy ways.

Holistic Health, healing, growth and transformation, and even spiritual expansion, do not happen overnight – they are journeys that can sometimes take years to build yourself up to the level of existence and well-being that you desire to experience and see in yourself, others around you, your life, and the world in which you live. But, becoming a healthier, more balanced (in mind, body, and spirit), self-empowered and, confidant version of yourself is not only rewarding and worth every bit of energy and commitment, but you will soon discover that all of this means MORE of everything else too – more love, more joy, more peace, and more appreciation for yourself, and everything around you.

One of my biggest passions in life is sharing the knowledge and guidance that I learn and receive along the way, and showing others how easy it is (once you get over the initial fear that is holding you back!) to live a happy, balanced life! Once you have that A-HA! moment, it is so empowering, you’ll never turn back… but believe me, I know how heck scary it can be to take that first step!

If you are reading this, you have already taken that first step! So congratulations to you!! 

My Personal Story

I wasn’t always a happy person, passionate and full of life! In fact, I was the complete opposite. I had a great childhood, I was happy and stable, did okay at school and had a handful of close friends. I am the oldest of three siblings, and while we never really got along as kids, we’re super close now. So Mom, Dad, three kids, cats, dogs, friends… doesn’t seem bad, right?

Mom had me when she was really young, my biological father and her got married but it didn’t last very long. While I maintained a close relationship with his family (grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.), he never really had much of a presence in my life. I never really understood why it was that way, I just accepted that that’s how it was. Growing up, my relationship with my mom was strained at the best of times and this caused major communication breakdowns between the two of us. My dad (adopted father who I adore) was hard on me, I see now that he only wanted me to be the best that I could be, but this was particularly difficult because I didn’t know who the heck I was myself.

I never really felt like I fit in with my life, don’t get me wrong I was happy, I just wasn’t particularly comfortable. I’ve always had a strong pull to spirituality, and although I never really knew what it was that I believed in and why it made me different, I knew that there was a reason why I was so highly intuitive. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with children who had been ‘diagnosed’ with a learning disability and children with autism. I began studying a Bachelor of Educational Psychology, but for whatever reason, I was unable to finish my studies and get my degree.

Fast forward a few years and I am a deeply insecure individual who has serious trust and abandonment issues! I had no ‘identity’. I was in an abusive marriage which (to me) just reaffirmed how insignificant I was. I wasn’t allowed to see my family, friends started distancing themselves from me, I wasn’t working and had nothing left that was truly mine. I was so uncomfortable and unhappy that I chose to become invisible, so pushing everyone who was close to me away was easy.  I had a two-year-old cherub who was my only source of love and light, but I would spend hours in tears at the thought of her growing up in that environment.

Then one day, something just clicked. I packed up our stuff, called my mom in tears and told her to come fetch me.. And I walked away. That was 6 years ago, and I have never looked back. The journey over the last 6 years has been a tough one… man has it been tough! Looking inward to stop the pain and change the outside was terrifying, it meant having to bring up everything that made me angry, sad, misunderstood, insecure. I was stubborn and in denial that the problems with my life were because of me and my refusal to acknowledge my thoughts, emotions, and intuition. It took about 6 months of therapy for my eyes to be opened and realise that it was me. Holy heck! Who wants to acknowledge that, right?

But I have overcome so much and am so grateful for the journey, and all that it taught me, but most importantly, that it encouraged me to embrace my Life Purpose! Today, I have so much to be grateful for. I have loving, supportive friends and family and a beautiful life. My relationship with both my mom and biological father are great, and I have never felt more grounded, more connected with myself and Spirit, more at peace and more alive! I am still, however, a work in progress! We all are, and that’s what makes us all so wonderful! <3

If we truly want to see happiness in our lives, we need to see it in our self first!

bloom_self_mastery_programSo! My mission is to guide you along your own journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. This space is dedicated to my mission and giving you practical Metaphysical education that can be applied to your every day life – whether your intention be for your own personal healing, to become knowledgeable and confidant in natural methods of health and ell being for your family, if you wish to become a certified practitioner and teacher in the world of Holistic Healing, or if you are looking for ways to expand your existing practice! Introducing people to their inner strengths, wisdom, and ability to self-heal emotionally, spiritually and energetically is a true life passion of mine, and empowering others to see their full potential and their own inner awesomeness is one of my many purposes!

Every day I am still learning, healing and growing. I am also still working towards my dream of working with children with autism and learning disabilities ~ or kids who are a little misunderstood and misguided, because, at the end of the day, we can all get a little lost. We just need someone to shine the torch to guide us home. <3

~ Love & Light ~

Xoxo, Kerry.