~Monday Mandala – Guiding us through difficult times~

img_3661Happy Monday lovelies!! A shiny new week to full of shiny new possibilities!! This week’s Monday mandala ~ crystal grid to set the energies for the week has a blue apatite crystal as the centre point with sodalite (third eye and throat), blue lace agate (throat), and green aventurine (heart) spiraling outwards. 🌀♻️🌀 there seems to be a reoccurring theme this month of BALANCE and COMMUNICATION, not surprising as these are probably two of the hardest elements to achieve peace in today’s crazy world.

However, I’m being pushed more and more that this message today is specifically for someone (I don’t know who, I’m just delivering the message 😊), so if you are working through a particularly difficult, emotional situation, know that you are loved and supported. 🙏🏼💙✨
The energies in the mandala today are STRONG!! With Apatite holding that balance in the centre, and the rest spiraling outwards.. 🌀 The spiral symbol (in spirituality) has huge significance of the path leading from our outer consciousness (our ego, our outward perceptions, materialistic pursuits) to the inner soul (enlightenment, inner awareness, our intuitive connection with self and our spirit family)…Hello holistic growth 😍😍

💠 #Apatite is a powerful balancer of energies, chakras, subtle bodies, and our yin-yang (female / male) energies. Helping us connect with our higher levels of spiritual guidance, apatite is a great manifestation enhancer, helping us achieve the results that we want!
💚 GreenAventurine protects and comforts our heart with a gentle, soothing energy. Helping us work through unresolved, emotional issues, this “stone of personal growth” guides us through opportunities to learn about ourselves and our place in the universe.
💠 Sodalite, a stone of awakening, stimulates out throat and third eye chakras, assisting us with being true to ourselves and standing up for what we believe. Sodalite bring a strong energy, helping us see through the cloud of emotions to make intuitive and logical decisions!
💠 Blue Lace Agate brings gentle, calming energies to our throat chakra, helping us accept our emotions, dissolving worry and working behind the scenes to dissolve any negative emotions. Blue Lace Agate brings love into our throat chakra so that we may express ourselves in a calm and loving way.
🌰 Sandalwood eo is perfect for when we’re feeling uptight and tense. Inhaling it’s rich, woody scent helps us find our centre and reconnect with our inner self, helping us to be mindful and less reactive to situations 🙌

Woweee!! Can you see what I mean now?? INTENSE, but with the strong and gentle energies guiding you through this situation, you can’t go wrong. 💠🙏🏼💙 Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself, often when we’re in the face of a tricky situation that requires tactful and careful communication we let our hurt, anger and ego get in the way.
Rather take a step back, take a walk, and introspect. You will always find the solution that is right for you when you listen. 🙏🏼💕💕

I hope this grid provides you with some clarity and support, your spirit family is always available to you, you only need to call on them for help. If you would like me to do a one-on-one reading for you, you can get in touch with me by clicking on the button below.  If you’re loving this and want to share, feel free, I only ask you give credit where cred is due 🙏🏼✨

Wishing everyone a magical week.
~ Love & Light, KerryBook now button

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