Monday Mandala ~ Follow your Passion.

Happy Monday Lovelies!! Is anyone else as excited as I am for this week??
img_3945This morning while I was doing a little active meditation making my mandala, I was being pulled to remind everyone to follow their PASSION this week! 💓 Playing it safe in life will only lead to feelings of boredom and being unfulfilled 🚨
If you’ve been asking, and looking, for more happiness in your life, now is the time to act on it! 🎆 The flame of passion has been ignited in your heart, don’t ignore it now. Take risks, follow your heart’s desires, pay attention to new ideas and a burning passion that accompanies these ideas – it is Divine Inspiration guiding you onto the next step!! 🌸✨ Today’s crystal energies…

💜 Lepidolite is the centre of our crystal flower bringing us balance and inner peace during times of transition. Lepidolite helps us shift and restructure old energy patterns, promoting spiritual transcendence and cosmic awareness.
💜Pink Botswana Agate are our delicate petals, assisting us in releasing any repressed emotions that need to be addressed so that we may release and heal. Botswana Agate brings an almost anti-depressant energy into our space, assisting those who have trouble living authentically and allowing for understanding of the need for deeper meaning. 💜An amethyst stem, protecting us through stressful times and giving us the support we need to embrace our inner strength.
💜Two beautiful Unakite leaves, balancing our emotional and energetic bodies and gently assisting us with releasing any energetic blocks while we transition from old to new, and sending our peaceful vibes to our surroundings.

Affirmation for the week: “I embrace the changes occurring in my life. I recognise that all changes bring better life situations. Favourable opportunities present themselves to me in many ways. I recognise these opportunities and follow through on their promise. I am always in the right place at at the right time”. 🌟🙏🏼💕🌿 Remember to take care of yourself during times of transition, be kind, nurturing and loving towards yourself and others. 💓✨💎
~ Namaste, Kerry.

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