MLM Success Club

Are you a wellness advocate or Independent Distributor for an MLM company, international or South African? Are you struggling to find customers, understand who your audience is and how to “sell’? Are you battling to find success and retention in your own MLM business? Do you want to turn your MLM venture from a side-hustle into a full time, income producing business? Then this is the membership group for you! 

​The MLM (Multi Level Marketing) structure is still one that is fairly new to South Africans, and with very little training available to those who sign up – it can leave individuals feeling frustrated by the lack of support, and failing to see the success promised when joining on!

After 6 years of building and successfully running two high income MLM companies, I have decided to focus on other ventures but after having continuous requests for support on not only how to “sell without selling”, but successfully run and build a profit-earning team – I have gathered my years of experience and resources into a collective space so that I can continue to support, educate and empower others to to get clear on their strategy and create their own empires!

Membership Options: 

Weekly membership – R155 per week (Limited access)

Premier Membership – R555 per month (*Full Access)

Membership Benefits: 
– Weekly Education Classes
– Daily Live Q&A
– Business Coaching*
– Digital & Social Training*
– Design Workshops
– Personal Development Coaching*
– Strategy*
– Success Coaching*
– Customer Retention & Support
– Compliance and Safety Training
– Leadership Training*
– Giveaways
– Guest Speakers
– Access to Design Software*​
– Personal Development Courses
– Abundance/ Wealth Coaching*

The Membership Group will be a Facebook-based private group, where all free classes, trainings, Live sessions and recordings will be held. Premier sessions will be communicated via the Facebook and Whatsapp groups, and held via Zoom sessions. Recordings of Premier trainings and coaching sessions will uploaded to a shared Drive and made available to Premier members for download. Access to the WhatsApp membership group will be given to Premier members only.

If you are not a local South African resident, and would like to join the membership, kindly send an email request to