Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Manipura Chakra

💛Tarot Chakra Challenge – Day 3!! Ready to explore your Manipura, or Solar Plexus, Chakra??

Yesterday, we explored our Sacral Chakra, our creative and pleasure house. Today we are going to be connecting with our third energetic center, our Solar Plexus.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above your naval, and represents;
✨your personal power house,
✨your self-confidence,
✨your self-esteem and will power,
✨your motivation and ambition,
✨your beliefs and value systems,
✨your ability to respect FREE WILL,
✨personal boundaries (yours and the boundaries of others),
✨your motivation,
✨your career,
✨your ability to manifest abundance,
✨and your independence.

So now that you have a basic understanding of the different areas of your life that this center influences, let’s use your Tarot cards to assess and balance this center, and the associated areas of your life!

Shuffle your cards whilst reading over the prompts below. Take a deep breath and connect with your intuition/Higher Self or spiritual support system. Gently bring your awareness to your Solar Plexus – I like to do this by un-capping an essential oil associated with this center, placing the relevant Chakra crystal in my left palm (my receiving hand), closing my eyes and inhaling the aroma of the oil.

This center is associated with the element of fire 🔥, so I always like to have a candle lit when working with this energy.

Once you feel you have connected and are ready to proceed, deal a card in each position.

Tarot Spread for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Reveal your cards, and take a minute to note any immediate impressions that come to you. Then spend some time exploring the messages within.

Card 1 – Card that represents my Solar Plexus Chakra
Card 2 – How best can I balance/enhance my masculine energies. (Choose which one feels appropriate for you)
Card 3 – What is the best way for me to step into my personal power?
Card 4 – How is this center currently influencing how I view/feel about myself? (Self-worth/self-esteem)
Card 5 – What is the best way for me to balance/heal this center?
Card 6 – Outcome of balancing/healing this center?

Some of my other favorite tools to use when working on this energy Center:
🌻Wild Orange essential oil and Elevate Blend.
🌻Sunny Citrine and powerful Tiger’s Eye crystals.
🌻Affirmation: I am strong. I am powerful. I am confident.

If you’d like to learn how to use your Tarot and Oracle Cards as a tool for introspection and self-healing, click here.

Enjoy! Kerry. Xx

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