Love Languages for Kids: Receiving Gifts

Love languages for kid - giftsEnding off our ‘Love Languages for Kids’ series today with Receiving Gifts.

Have you enjoyed this series? Do you feel that it has helped you understand your LO’s style of communicating love? I’d love to hear from you!


If Gifting, either giving or receiving gifts, is your child’s primary (or even secondary love language) they feel loved, and in return show love, by gifts. For these children, it is more the thought and intention behind the gift than the actual gift itself.

🎁 Things to encourage:

  • Make special occasions ‘special’
  • Not all gifts have to be big gestures – keep it spontaneous
  • Make the effort to think of meaningful gifts

🎁Things to avoid:

  • confusing this love language with being materialistic – remember, it’s not actually about the gift but rather the thought and meaning behind it.
  • Use gifts instead of the other four languages
  • Buying things to keep your child happy

🎁Ways to ‘speak’ their language:

  • Leave a gift for them on their bed before bedtime, like a new book or cuddle toy
  • Go out for fro yo together
  • Pick out a surprise gift together for their other parent/grandparents/best friend
  • Accept any gift from them (whether a stone or a drawing) with enthusiasm and a big smile
  • Pick out some ‘old toys’ together than can be donated to children in need
  • Make home-made gifts together for others
  • Leave them a surprise in their lunch box
  • Make their favourite meal
  • Get them something while out on errands because you were thinking of them

Again, this language is more about the love behind the gift than the actual gift itself. 😊

Watch for the kinds of gifts your LO brings to you. Speaking their language of love back to them shows them that you understand them and ‘see’ them. ❤️

I hope that this series has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to pop them below.


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