Love Languages for Kids: Quality Time

Love languages for kids - quality timeDo you know the love language of your child?

Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and Gifting – each child has their own way to feel loved, and to give love back to others. Have you been following along? Have these posts helped you understand your LO?


If Quality Time is your child’s primary (or even secondary love language) they thrive off spending time with you, their parent, and the ones they love. At times it may seem like they crave your attention – but they really just want to spend some ‘face-to-face’ time with you.

Does your child speak the language of ‘Quality Time’? What are some of the ways they display this?

♥️Things to encourage:
– Undivided/Uninterrupted Attention (when you do give it – put your phone down)
– Engage with your child, and encourage them to engage with you in return
– Schedule face to face time with them

♥️Things to avoid:
– Half engagement when interacting with your child – taking them to the park and being on your phone while they play is not spending time with them
– Leave long gaps in between times when quality engagements are spent
– Allow yourself to be distracted when engaging with them – averting eye contact/speaking over them to speak to someone else .

♥️Ways to ‘speak’ their language:
– go for walks together and actively chat to them
– Go on a picnic
– Watch a movie together
– Turn the TV off and play games with them (board games)
– Cook dinner/bake cookies together
– Find events to go to together
– Watch their favourite sport with them
– Make up stories together
– Go on a scavenger hunt together
– Help them with their homework or school projects
– Ask them if they’d like to join you while running errands and get an ice cream together
– Involve them in your interests and hobbies
– And most importantly, have face-to-face conversations with them, giving them your full attention

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