Love Languages for Kids: Physical Touch

love languages - physical touchActs of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and Gifting – each child has their own way to feel loved, and to give love back to others.

Have you been following along? Have these posts helped you understand your LO?

Today we’re talking about PHYSICAL TOUCH

If Physical Touch is your child’s primary (or even secondary love language) they thrive off physical affection and being in close proximity to their loved ones. Does your child speak the language of ‘Physical Touch’? What are some of the ways they display this?

Things to encourage:

  • Pay attention to the messages they elicit with their body language
  • Pay attention to the messages you give off with your body language toward them
  • Use gentle touch to affirm the words you use
  • Stay in close proximity to them to ensure they feel safe and secure

Things to avoid:

  • Disregard boundaries and personal space when they need it
  • playing too rough and physically hurting your child
  • Push them away from you or shake them off when trying to hold your hand
  • Give them the ‘cold shoulder’

Ways to ‘speak’ their language:

  • hold hands when walking in public places together – Give butterfly and Eskimo kisses
  • Give you child kisses on their forehead
  • Give bear hugs
  • Touch their arm while talking to them, or come down to their level and make eye contact – Let them sit on your lap when reading stories together – Pick them up and give them hugs
  • Dance with each other
  • Squeeze their shoulder when complimenting them or telling them how proud you are of them
  • Snuggle in bed on weekend mornings – Tickle them
  • Give them piggy back rides
  • Give each other massage
  • Snuggle together on the couch during movie time
  • Play with each others hair

The last love language we’ll explore is GIFTING! For the previous 3, check out previous posts in the feed, or scroll down just below this post.

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