~ Introspection: a key to overcoming difficulties ~


The challenges we face not only make us stronger 💪 but welcome compassion into our hearts 💗, allowing us to understand why and how things happen instead of making us bitter. 😇🌿✨ Today’s reading is reminding us that when faced with a difficult situation, we choose introspection rather than reacting to whatever it is that is making us unhappy. 

When we choose to no longer be the victim of a situation and have a more positive outlook, we empower ourselves, turning the viewpoint around and allowing peace in!! 🙏 Trust the loving, intuitive guidance you receive as it’s reminding us that there is always a loving solution to any difficult you need to overcome. 🕉💜 

If you’re currently struggling with a difficult situation, I encourage you today to re-look the approach you are taking ~ will the outcome be for the greater good of all those involved? If not, introspect… There’s a solution that is kind to and respects all parties involved.
~ Namaste

If you are currently experiencing a difficult situation or emotion and would like to chat to me, email me at kerry@wherehumrests.com or you can book a reading directly from my site. I would be more than happy to help!watermark 2 PNG


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