Self-Healing with Crystals and Essential Oils

This one’s for those who have a love for crystals, are interested in Holistic Healing and are eager to learn more about Vibrational Aromatherapy 🌻 Come spend a Spring afternoon with Founder, Kerry Jeromin and Leader, Michelle Leopold as we share about our favourite topics and leave you with a ton of knowledge, empowerment and some awesome goodies!

Tickets below 👇👇👇 Space is limited!

Lots of exciting topics planned for this workshop! You will go home with lots of new, practical but effective information that you can apply to your every day life – as well as a booklet full of exercises, meditations, journalling prompts, oracle card spreads, and much more that you can continue to use long after the workshop is done!

Each guest will also receive a special, HIGH VIBE gift from us to assist and enhance your self-healing and spiritual development journey! We will be posting a sneak peak of of it closer to the time – so be sure to keep an eye out for it on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Early bird tickets receive a FULL Chakra set and mini essential oils to use with the TWO main exercises covered, so that you can continue your new found knowledge after the workshop.

Limited Space so book NOW!

Each one of us has the innate power within us to create the life we want and deserve. This course is for anyone who is new to holistic self-healing, curious about what it means to live a holistic lifestyle, ready to make the leap to finding more balance and self-empowerment! It’s pretty much for anyone who knows they deserve MORE – more JOY, more ZEST, more ABUNDANCE, more LOVE, more WHOLENESS. If you are ready for MAJOR SHIFTS to happen in your life, changes that will align you with who you truly are at the deepest depths of your Soul, dive in and start breaking down the walls of fear and illusion, allow yourself to manifest the life you really want! Become more of who you are meant to be, to face your fears, and to look deep within yourself so that you can unlock your POWER and LIFT your life.

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • about the Self and Self-Healing
  • about energy, crystal and vibrational healing
  • the 7 Basic Chakra System
  • about Healthy vs Unhealthy Chakras
  • about the emotion – illness link
  • How to manage your moods and emotions with Healing Crystals and Essential Oils
  • How to balance your Chakras with Healing Crystals and Essential Oils
  • How to release negativity and become better grounded in your life
  • How to live your life with greater mindfulness, intention and with clearer goals

Limited Space. Click here to book ticket.