Interview your Deck Spread

Interview your Deck Spread: Have you ever brought a new Tarot or Oracle Card Deck and, after using it a couple times, felt like you just couldn’t connect with it? Maybe you didn’t like the imagery, or perhaps you didn’t resonate with the messaging? I have.

But since using this spread to get to know the energy of a Deck before I use it has enabled me to understand its synergy and how best I can incorporate it into my spiritual practice – it also helps me best pair it with my other decks, because who doesn’t love using different decks together! Right?!

Using this spread to essentially interview a new card Deck, whether Tarot or Oracle, will help you gain insight into how you and the Deck will vibe, and will expand your understanding of Holistic Tarot!!

Cleanse and shuffle the Deck (I like to leave new Decks in my Sacred Space for a couple days to attune to my energy before using them), and then deal 6 Cards in the positions as shown:

  • Card 1 – what is your purpose?
  • Card 2 – what are your strengths?
  • Card 3 – what are your limitations?
  • Card 4 – what can I learn from you?
  • Card 5 – what is the best way to work with you?
  • Card 6 – can you describe our relationship?

I love creating new spreads for you to use! I’m thinking of featuring a new, monthly spread for you – what do you think?
Would you like new spreads to add to your collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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