I am Heart Chakra!

Hello Beauty! Today we begin the next chapter of our Chakra series – to learn a little more than the basics about our Heart Chakra!

I’m always so grateful that the information & education I share is able to reach so many,  if you’re enjoying this series I would love for you to pass it forward & share the love with your friends!

Our Heart Chakra, our fourth centre is located above our heart & lungs, and represents;
our ability to love & be loved,
to maintain a healthy balance in relationships,
empathy, compassion & the ability to forgive,
our morals & values.

So how do we know if our Heart Chakra is balanced or could use a little TLC?
☘️Balanced ~ You have no difficulty in acting kind, loving & respectful towards others & have healthy, respectful, win-win relationships. You have healthy self-appreciation & can say that you truly love, respect & appreciate the person you are! You are able to deal with loss in a healthy way, & allow yourself to forgive (yourself & others).
☘️Imbalanced – You’ve noticed that you act unkind & disrespectful towards others, & people can be unloving & disrespectful towards you. you may be in an unhealthy, imbalanced relationship & you often feel unhappy/sad. You don’t particularly care for the person that you are or have become, & tend to experience more negative emotions than good. You don’t deal with disappointment or loss well & tend to hold grudges.

If the heart chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel detached from the world around you. Each breath we take connects us to our physical & spiritual world, and, if unbalanced can lead to a disconnection from the people we love, love for ourselves, & love for the Earth. Difficult relationships can heighten this and we can lose hope – we lose sight of beauty, love, empathy, & compassion.
If any of these resonate with you, or you wish to learn more, follow along as next we’ll learn simple self-healing exercises to bring you more balance & healing to this centre.
Love & Blessings, Kerry. X

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