How I use, and recommend, Essential Oils. And Why.

intuitive essential oilsFor some time now I have been feeling like I don’t resonate with a lot of the essential oil education that is being put out there. I love seeing all the educators on my feed, and I don’t disagree with their messages, or think they’re wrong – it just doesn’t fit with me. I’ve felt like there was more to essential oils, that something was missing in all the messaging, but I just wasn’t seeing it. For a few months, I’ve been feeling this pull, a strong shift, internally, intuitively, physically, to change the way I’ve been working with, and viewing, aromatherapy and essential oils, and to explore this ‘more’ that I’ve been feeling. 💗🌿

For most of my life, I’ve been drawn to the healing properties of flowers and plants, mostly subconsciously before I actually “knew” what it was that I was drawn too, I remember wanting to be an Aromatherapist at the age of 12, but not actually knowing what an Aromatherapist was.

Later, whilst exploring various healing modalities and pursuing my holistic studies, I learnt more about the vibrational medicine and the metaphysical properties of flowers, plants, herbal tinctures, essential oils, and so on, and naturally resonated with it. I was educated on how to use essential oils – for physical, mental, emotional, as well as holistic healing, and I applied many of these methods to my Holistic practice, as well as my personal life.
And it was I needed for some time. 🙏🌿☀️

However, the more time I spent exploring, connecting with and really allowing my intuition to guide me in this practice, I began using them more for their vibrational and spiritual properties, together with my other beautiful tools, to support me emotionally and energetically.

There was this nagging voice that became harder to ignore, telling me to ‘stop following the popular CULTure’ of what being popularly taught around this particular medicine (i.e. essential oils) as there is a part of the puzzle that is being missed. I’ve never really resonated with the internal use of essential oils, in my personal and humble opinion, I do not believe that our bodies are meant to consume (internally) such concentrated versions of a particular plant/root/flower, etc. and there are other, more natural ways of using this natural medicine to its full potential, so this made sense to me. I also have been drawn more and more to use natural tools in their most high-vibrational, natural state, especially when it comes to putting anything into my body – in order to keep my vibration high and my body healthy and happy.

I couldn’t quite figure out where this new essential oil journey was taking me, I knew that I still wanted to work with essential oils as a natural, holistic tool, I just didn’t know how this looked anymore. By allowing myself to be open and connect with the individual essences, it soon became clear.

It started becoming a natural process of making the link between the oils and the metaphysical (or spiritual) needs of others – every time someone came to me for suggestions on a particular emotional or spiritual (energetic) issue, I wouldn’t immediately suggest an oil based on prior knowledge, or what the books, manuals, educations, certifications, etc said I should recommend, rather I was pulled to connect to their energy, their spiritual support systems, and their specific energetic health needs (much like I would during a healing or reading session), to understand exactly what it is that needed to be addressed.

Why work with oils intuitively, as opposed to ‘by the book’?

In doing this, I am able to marry their needs, the guidance shared with me from their Higher energies (so removing any conscious or physical distractions), their current energetic state that may be influencing said issue – gathering a true reflection of their current energetic state/environment/situation. I then intuitively match this information with the energetic frequencies (or vibrations) of the oils *see Note below, to tailor make a solution that they can use practically to work through their current issue.

To me, this method moves beyond simply aromatherapy or using essential oils for health purposes – it becomes a form of energy healing, working on a transpersonal level to benefit the mind, body, and soul of a person. I am passionate about energy healing and working on this level, so it makes sense that my essential oil practice would naturally evolve in this way. I feel that there may be some course content written on this in the new year too, so if it is something that has piqued your interest, stay tuned!! 😉

For so long I have been wanting to share this message, to share with those who may resonate with this method but I was, admittedly, very nervous to share this story publicly because there has been a LOT of harsh backlash in this specific industry lately, but this method feels completely natural to me. My objective has always been to offer authentic and honest guidance and practical healing solutions to those who seek out my services or education, and it has always been about what it the MOST right solution for you! So, if I continued on a path that no longer served me, I would not only have been cheating myself, my growth and transformation, my connection with my Higher Self, but I would be cheating the spiritual growth and transformation of my clients, and cheating my responsibility as a Holistic Healthcare professional.

The feedback that I have received has been overwhelmingly humbling and has been the validation and push I needed to make this an official and public offering to those who feel drawn to it, so thank you for my amazing clients who always offer me their kind words and open hearts. <3

Do I use this method for myself and my family?
Of course!! In fact, I used this method for us before offering to my clients.

If you’d like to chat to me more about this method, or about a bespoke blend for yourself, feel free to reach out to me or head on over to my shop to order your own. If you feel that your current method of using essential oils just isn’t doing it for you anymore, keep an eye out for a course in 2018, and learn more about the energetics of essential oils, and learn this method for yourself!

NOTE: Energetic Frequencies of oils – Essential Oils, Rosemary carries a strong red-colour frequency, helpful when needing protection or strengthening of the subtle bodies. Lemon, Sage, Sandalwood, and Melaleuca all carry strong green frequencies, great for breaking up and releasing negative energies – hence they’re commonly used as ‘cleansing oils’.

Disclaimer: If this message has offended any oily users, please note that my intention is not to upset the apple cart, but merely share my experiences. 🙏💞 I am not a certified Aromatherapist, and I never prescribe the internal use of essential oils, please always consult a medical practitioner before considering this application. When recommending oil blends to my clients, it is only for topical, aromatic, and vibrational use. I am an intuitive healer and coach and have always worked intuitively, whether it has been parenting, my studies and holistic education, what my body needs in order to be healthy, how I run my business and work with my clients, how my course content is structured, to how I carry out my own spiritual practice. I have trained in many different systems, on a number of different methods and modalities, and I always take pieces that fit with my beliefs and principles. I would never say that my way is right, it is right for me. So please take what resonates with you from this post, and leave what doesn’t. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.



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