Meet your Guides – A Tarot workshop

Hey Gorgeous Soul!

I’m so excited to share with you this formula of how to use your Tarot cards to connect with, and open communication channels between you and your Guide!

During this 5-day online workshop, you will:
– receive a crash course in Tarot, from a holistic perspective
– free education on how to cleanse, shuffle, and draw a card – for this workshop and in general
– a guide to understanding the 5 different types of Guides that will be included in the workshop
– how to use a pendulum for reassurance
– daily exercises that will not only open the communication channels between you and your Guide but will also strengthen and exercise your intuition and energetic perception!
– as well as some fun extras that you can use to enhance your spiritual communication and intuition.
– a fun, easy to use method that you can repeat and use long after the workshop is over!!
– support and guidance from me along the way!
– a downloadable guidebook once the workshop is over containing all workshop content, free education included, so that you can continue to use this resource long after the workshop is over!

Last year I ran a workshop on this, and have had SO much demand to run it again as a permanent feature!! Even those who had NEVER ever picked up a Tarot deck learnt so much, and had SO much fun along the way!! Seasoned Tarot users loved the channels of communication that were opened with their Guides.

So, “MEET YOUR GUIDES WITH THE TAROT” is back, and you can claim your spot below!! This workshop consists of a combination of fun videos, prompts, and exercises! The method used in the workshop can be used again, and again, and again, whenever you want too, and it’s def not limited to just one Guide.

Excited?? Curious?? Interested?? Claim your spot in the workshop below!

Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details to access this workshop!

See you there! 🙂 Kerry. x