BLOOM – 4-Day Self-Mastery Workshop


If I asked you to imagine the best version of yourself;

the version that was free from:
– pain
– anxiety
– stress
– apathy
– dissatisfaction
– hurt
– grief
– insecurity
– jealousy
– longing

the version of yourself that no longer felt:
– uninspired
– unsatisfied
– unfulfilled
– unloved

the version of yourself that YOU were proud of!

Are you able to imagine yourself in this way?

How do you look?

What would you say to yourself?

What are you wearing?

How would you feel?

What job would you have?

Where in the world would you be?

What have you achieved?

What are your dreams?

Have your dreams come into reality?

When you think of this person, how does it make you feel?

Does it feel like a far off-dream? Impossible to achieve?

It doesn’t have to be this way. It sure as heck doesn’t NEED to feel this way!

You CAN have this life!

It isn’t beyond your reach.

It isn’t designed for someone else.

It’s yours!

All you have to do is TAKE THE FIRST STEP. 


Have you ever read a truly inspirational self-help book on an area of your life that you were wanting to improve, and while you were reading it every page spoke to you, every word excited you and you couldn’t wait to put everything that you were learning about in this book into practice?

You were SO freaking excited to get going, you absolutely poured all of yourself into the book, you couldn’t wait to get to the end so that you could see HOW to implement all of these wonderful things…

But you finish the book, only to discover that there is no process for you to follow.

No step-by-step instruction of HOW you put all of this into practice.

The theory is all there…

But what now?

What do you do?

What the heck is the first step?

Have you ever experienced this? That feeling like the book was unfinished? Like the author gave you all of the beautiful theory, but left out the most important part?

You understand what you have to do, but how do you do it?

I know I’ve experienced this. Many times.

AND that’s why I created this workshop!

I don’t want to simply tell you about all of the ways and all of the things that you can do or use to make yourself feel good. I want to GIVE you the instructions, the step-by-step instructions,

AND I want to SHOW you how easy it is to do them and implement them into your life!


Interested Yet? Good! Keep reading.

In the four days with me you will learn:

About who you REALLY are.

Why you are the way you are.

What it truly means to Self-Heal, and how to do it.

How to create awareness and connect inward with yourself.

About energy, and how you can use energy to heal yourself and influence your life.

Your Spiritual Anatomy and the ADVANCED Chakra System.

About Vibrational Medicine, and how to practically use it.

About external vs. internal environments, and why they’re BOTH so important.

What Spiritual practices and rituals are, and why they work.

How to create your own spiritual ritual.

How to love yourself (this one’s a tough one!)

What your IDENTITY is.

About emotional triggers, and how to discover, understand, and release yours!

About the healing power of forgiveness, and HOW to forgive.

How FEAR really controls you, and how to set yourself free from fear.

How to release the MENTAL BLOCKS that are keeping you from yourself, your goals, and manifesting the life of your dreams!

How your mindset influences EVERYTHING in your life.

How to REPROGRAM your mindset.

About life language, and how it affects you.

About your Internal Governer, and how it prevents you from achieving!

How to deal with negative influences in your life.

About the conscious and the subconscious mind.

How they differ and how to use them as a combined, powerful co-creator for the life you desire!

About the Law of Attraction, and the “secrets” to Manifestation!

The Power of Prayer, and how it influences your world.

I will not only be covering the theory behind each of these topics (and more!), but you will have the opportunity to put the theory in practice there and then, with me working right beside you to help you push boundaries, connect to your higher self and higher power, discover your truths, explore new areas that you hadn’t ever considered, and unlock your true potential!

The workshop will consist of both group and one-on-one exercises with me so that you are truly supported and enabled during this period of TRANSFORMATION!

And once the four days are complete? You get to take home every bit of content covered – the theory AND the practical elements so that YOU can continue to do the work long after we have finished!

This four-day program is going to be intensive and jam-packed FULL of value and practical approaches that you can implement straight away, and immediately being to MASTER your Self, and your life!

These four days with me will be EVERYTHING you need to take yourself from where you are NOW, to where you WANT to be!

Groups sizes are limited to seven (7) people only, this is to ensure that I give as much attention to each participant as I possibly can, so claim your spot NOW!


  • The Workshop is held over four days, Saturday and Sunday, over a period of two weekends
  • Space is limited to 7 people per workshop
  • The Workshop will be located in Rivonia, Johannesburg
  • R.O.A.R (for my full T&C’s and Disclaimer, please click here.)
  • The workshop is strictly non-denominational

Price includes;

  • A beautiful notebook/journal from me to make notes and do the necessary exercises and/or homework for the duration of the workshop,
  • ALL course material and exercises in take-home format so that you have access to everything covered in the workshop long after the workshop is over,
  • A quick-reference guide to Essential Oils and Crystals for Emotions
  • A Healing Attunement to kick-start your self-mastery journey!
  • lunch and refreshments throughout the day,
  • one-on-one coaching sessions with myself, Kerry Campbell,
  • A certificate of completion
  • As well as a special gift from myself to you at the end of our four days together.

First session dates: 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th March. 

Payment Terms:

  • Workshop placements work on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited space
  • Payment is required to secure your spot in the workshop

Payment Options:

  • One payment of R4444,00
  • Two Monthly payments of R2222,00