Certification Courses

If you are reading this, it is because you are drawn to a healing profession or are interested in a more holistic, or spiritual, based practice for your own health and wellbeing. Nowadays, more and more people are seeking more natural and alternative methods of healing. Holistic health practitioners offer an increasingly respected, and age-old alternatives that emphasise complete wellness of the mind, body, emotions and spirit (or soul).

My Holistic Healing certification courses are all based on Transpersonal Healing and offer an intimate understanding of how the spiritual and physical work in conjunction towards whole health and wellbeing of a person. On completion of courses, and with this deeper knowledge, not only will you be able to practice as a Certified Holistic Healing Practitioner in the chosen field, but you will become a valuable resource for personal development and self-healing!

Please select a course below to learn more about the curriculum:

Note: All students enrolled in my Certification Courses, get free enrollment to my Self-Healing and Spiritual Growth Course – Elevate your Life. You can check it out here.