Holistic Certification Courses and Workshops

Holistic Certification Courses & Workshops_WhereHumRestsWelcome to the favourite section of my website, my Holistic Certification Courses & Workshops! 🙂 Two of my personal philosophies is that ‘knowledge is power’ – if we are knowledgeable and eductated, we are able to make empowered, informed decisions for our life, health, and wellbeing, and that we ‘never stop growing’ – meaning that our beautiful transformations, growth, and evolution is never complete, we simply ‘level up’. 😉 I may have achieved various qualifications in my life and career, but that does not mean that my learning is complete, and as a result, I am always updating and adding new offerings to both my current and future students!

I offer a variety of online and in-person workshops and courses, so, whether you are looking to expand your knowledge about holistic and energy healing alternatives, embark on a self-healing and personal development journey, explore a career in holistic and energy healing or embrace your spiritual awakening, my offerings are all practical, simple and easy to apply to your everyday life, but are jam-packed full of value and love!

As passionate as I am about holistic healing, a large chunk of that passion is the love that I have for teaching and watching my students learn, grow and bloom into their authentic, confident selves! I believe that all knowledge and information is here for us to consume, grow and then share.

Courses and workshops are offered one-on-one, groups, or through distance learning.

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Elevate your Life: Empowerment Course
Transpersonal Tarot Reading Certification Course
Transpersonal Crystal Healing Certification Course
Usui Reiki 1, 2 & Advanced Levels Certification Course
Usui Reiki Master Level Certification Course


Lightarian Buddhic Boost Attunement
Lightarian Reiki Master Certification Course