Hawk medicine reminds us today to pay attention.

animal-medicine-wherehumrestsYou are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive and use your abilities!

Hello Lovelies!! ☀️ Hawk medicine reminds us today to pay attention!! To our surroundings, to heighten your awareness and to receive the messages that are being delivered to you all the time. Hawk,

Hawk, the messenger of the sky, teaches us to observe everything that we do, life is always sending us messages but we have to be open and willing to receive them.

Have you asked for help, but become disheartened because what you asked for hasn’t happened? Alter your perception of the situation, take a broader view and discover what you are focusing your thoughts and attention on! If you find yourself only focusing on the lack of what you don’t have, you will continue to only attract this lack.

Trust your intuition, change your perception and attract what you DO want to happen, not what you Don’t. 🙏🏼

These gorgeous Dragonstone crystals are wonderful grounding tools to keep on you when going through times of change and transformation!! Calming us, easing restlessness and self-pity, Dragonstone give us the patience and endurance needed to get through tough times!
Medicine cards and Crystals are just two incredibly powerful wellness tools you can integrate into your life to be more balanced, grounded and whole. ☀️🙌💕
~ Namaste, Kerry. X
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