Happy, healthy legs!

I’ve been lucky this pregnancy that I haven’t had any swelling or water retention in my legs, in fact, I’ve had pretty happy, healthy legs!

The last time I walked on the beach pregnant, my ankles swelled up like balloons  – glad that didn’t happen this past weekend. But after hours on the road and a busy weekend, my legs were feeling tired and heavy by Monday.

Do you ever have this? Here’s what I do when this happens.

I sit with my crystals for a few minutes and let them work their magic!

This body layout, and more, are included in my CCH certification – but for those, pregnant or not, who’d like to show their legs some love and relief from cramping, muscle soreness, restless leg syndrome, and promote healthy circulation in their legs, place the following on your legs as shown and sit for 10-15 minutes.

  • 4 x Amber tumbles (you can use Orange Carnelian if you don’t have Amber)
  • 4 x Rose Quartz tumbles
  • 4 x Green Aventurine tumbles
  • 2 x Smokey Quartz or Hematite tumbles placed over knees. I prefer Hematite here as it’s great for promoting blood health!

Enjoy, Beauty!

Interested in learning more about crystal healing and body grids? Click here.

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