~ Grounded and sane “Frazzle-Free” Toolkit ~

I have had such a busy momma admin day today! My daughter’s ballet exam is coming up and I’ve been rushing around making sure she has everything she needs for it. Not to mention it’s Monday, which is always an admin day for me, but we generally have late starts on a Monday (i.e. we’re usually late). I find people to be a little more aggressive on the roads on Mondays. I’ve never really understood why people get so upset and angered in traffic but this usually leaves me feeling slightly frazzled by the time I get to my final destination! Anyone else have this experience?? Whether you’re a mom or not, simple things like traffic, running late, deadlines, etc. can get you feeling stressed and frazzled too.

I thought I would share one of the most valuable things that I do for myself on a daily basis, especially when I know I have a busy day ahead of me, and that is making sure that I am grounded. This kit keeps me focused on what I need to do, helps me manage the little stresses that come with being a mom, and in check with myself and my surroundings. It’s particularly useful when I’m feeling frazzled…

If you’re not sure what it means to be grounded, simply put it means that you are present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what is going on around you.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by everything, misplace items (like car keys) often, keep forgetting appointments and talks, have a million things going through your head and struggle to focus on any of them or feeling like you are putting in so much but achieving very little ~ chances are you are not grounded.


I call this toolkit my Frazzle-Free toolkit, associated with the Root Chakra, it keeps me grounded and balanced every day, regardless of what I have to do. In the morning before I start my day I will sit quietly (you can also do this lying down if you prefer), barefoot, with my black tourmaline chunk between my feet, my Patchouli EO uncapped and my smokey quartz in my hands. I close my eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply and releasing any tension, irritation, anxiety, etc in my mind and body, and do a simple grounding exercise. My feet get super tingly and heavy when I do this, that’s when I know it’s working 🙂

If I’ve had a particularly hectic day, I repeat this little exercise in the evening before going to bed.  When I am feeling uber frazzled, I will rub a couple drops of oil on the soles of my feet (dilute with a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin).
~ Smokey Quartz is one of my favourite grounding stones as it acts like a negative energy filter, sucking in all the negative vibes and releases the purified, positive energy.
~Black Tourmaline is a fab grounding and protection stone, repelling and blocking negative vibes. (A great one for blocking against psychic attacks).
~ Patchouli EO has a really earthy aroma, using aromatically provides a grounding, balancing effect on our emotions. You can use any essential oil that is woody and earthy, like White Fir, Frankincense, Cinnamon and Doterra’s Balance blend, the Patchouli is just my personal pick!

In addition to this, I like to keep some beautiful clear quartz and citrine tumblies in a pouch in my pocket as I run around, and I never leave the house without my smokey quartz and black tourmaline bracelet. The citrine and clear quartz keep my energy levels up and my vibes high!! 🙂

This kit falls part of my daily self-care routine, without fail. By introducing this simple toolkit into your daily routine, you are allowing yourself to release negative energy and connected to the earth. Heck, it’s so simple you can do it sitting in your car. You will begin to feel more content with the daily notions of your everyday life. Not only will this benefit how you feel throughout the day, but it will improve how you think and how you function. Your mood will be uplifted and others around you (kids / friends / family / colleagues) will benefit from your state of calm happiness. 🙂 If you are currently experiencing a difficult situation or emotion and would like me to recommend a personalized toolkit for you, email me at kerry@wherehumrests.com. I would be more than happy to help!

Each of the stones I have mentioned in today’s post have their own energetic vibration (some stronger than others). I encourage you to work with them and discover what each brings to you and how they uniquely interact with your energetic field. You can find any of the oils I mentioned under the shop tab on the menu. If you order your essential oils through my link, you will also get my one-on-one support in your wellness journey.

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