Finding your Voice

It may be Mercury Retrograde (thank goodness that’s almost over 😅), but this last week I’ve spoken to so many people who are in a situations that require thoughtful, honest and delicate communication… And that isn’t always easy. 🔭🙊 Even my sweet girl has been dealt a few tricky situations where she’s had to learn to find the power in her voice and communicate her true feelings!

When communication concerns like this arise, instead of fixating on them and becoming more stressed by the situation, you can curate a more positive approach to how you handle yourself in those situations – and empower our actions! 💪👑After all, communication is one of the most important aspects of any healthy relationship!! Amiright?

This wellness kit right here, one of my favourites, is a fantastic combo assisting your Throat Chakra to open up so that you can find your voice and speak from an authentic and thoughtful space, promoting positive and healthy communication between yourself and others!

💎Blue Kyanite helps bridge the communication gap between individuals, helping us speak the truth with clarity, and promotes a healthy and open Throat Chakra.
💎The Clear Quartz double point amplifies the energy channels between the two parties, allowing a connection to be made that is positive and healthy.
🌿Peppermint invigorates and stimulates the mind and has a direct action on intellect, promoting creativity and self-expression.
🌿Balance helps keeps us grounded so that we don’t allow our emotions to get in the way, and allows for easy exit of negative energies. 🙌🌿💎🌞🧚🏻‍♀️

If you’ve been finding it hard to not only express yourself, but to find it in you to speak your truth, this kit offers that little nudge that is often need to get you through the tough parts, and assist with maintaining that open, honest communication. 🌞 I especially love recommending this kit for tweens & teens who often struggle to use their voice and find the right words needed to express themselves. 🙌👫💛

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