Facilitator Training Retreats

Facilitator Training Retreat

4 days, 3 nights. Limited to 10-15 individuals per retreat

The womb houses the greatest power an individual possesses, the power to create on all levels. As women, we are aware of our power to give birth to human beings, but this power can be channelled in to giving birth to projects, personal healing, spiritually and healthy relationships.

Our womb holds the power! It is the gateway to magic, creation, birth, and life!  We cannot bring forth healthy life with an unhealthy and wounded womb.

Kerry Jeromin, School of Energy

The Womb Wisdom Facilitator program supports you to guide both men and women to open to their womb’s energetic pathways, to clear their past, release toxic emotions, activate their sacred sensual self, bring balance into their relationships and harness their creative potential.

This absolutely ah-mazing 3 nights, 4 days retreat will empower you with the tools to hold a medicine space, to lead with purpose & intention by harnessing the power of the womb space to heal and be rebirth one’s authentic soul’s purpose. Over these 4 days of immersive training, you will not only learn how to harness this sacred energy for others, but you will discover these teachings through your own experiences.

We will participate in a variety of activities, events, classes, etc., that will push you beyond your comfort zone and help you face your own fears, unpack your traumas and wounds, undo ancestral imprints and so much more!, so that you are able to step into your true potential as a shamanic facilitator.

Over the four days, you will attend a variety of group workshops that will explore the following topics;
– Connecting with Pachamama; Forest Bathing
– The ego and wounded states
– Trauma, triggers and emotional dissonance
– Connecting to the womb 
– Womb Trauma 
– Ancestral Wounds and the Spiritual womb
– The Feminine essence, womb wisdom and the Creative Forces of existence
– The marriage of the masculine and feminine essences
– Womb expression and reflection
– The polarity of energies
– Sacred sex, sexuality and sensuality 
– Feminine Free Flow 

During the retreat, you will also learn the art of facilitating a shamanic medicine ceremony as well as have the opportunity to sit in medicine ceremony;
– Creating ceremony space
– Sacred Shamanic Invocation to open sacred space
– The Medicine Container
– The shamanic Drum
– Shamanic Fire Medicine
– How to lead a shamanic journey
– How to work with the chosen plant medicines – IxCacao and Sacred Blue Lotus
– Embark on a plant spirit journey
– How to lead with integrity and authenticity
– Understanding Ethics and Free Will as a facilitator

– Pre-Retreat Intake Zoom with Retreat facilitators
– 2 x Post-Retreat Integration 1:1 Sessions
– Workshops, Private & Group Sessions & Materials
– Plant medicines – IxCacao, Huachuma, Sacred Blue Lotus
– 3 Nights Accommodation
– Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners
– On-site activities (where applicable)
Exchange per person: 15 000ZAR OR 3 payments of 5500ZAR

Please note – this retreat is only priced for South African residents and does not include travel, however it is open to international trainees. If you are from outside of South Africa and would love to attend the retreat, please enquire about travel costs.

For dates, please check the School of Energy Events Calendar