The Course will be held on a Friday for 2,5 hours over 6 consecutive weeks, starting Friday, 6 March 2020. This is a Certification Course and you will be able to practice as a Certified Reiki Practitioner after completion.

Course Curriculum:
Usui History & Theory
The Reiki Principles
Energy & Healing
The Energy Body
Cleansing and Healing the Aura
Reiki Self-Healing Procedure
Usui Reiki Symbols
Your Duty as a Spiritual and Holistic Professional
Reiki Treatment Procedure
Advanced Level Symbol
Psychic Surgery
Reiki for Pregnancy, Babies & Children
Reiki for Animals
Reiki and Crystals
Reiki Distance Healing
Reiki and Colour Therapy
An Introduction to the Hara Dimension

Over the 6 week period you will receive FOUR attunements;
– Healing attunement
– Level 1 Attunement
– Level 2 Attunement
– Advanced Level Attunement.

Soul Investment – R 4500 (payment plans are available on request).
Includes all manuals, attunements, certificate, refreshments & one make up class. Additional make up classes can be arranged at R350 per catch up.

Please email me on to book your spot or click here to proceed to checkout. If you are interested in studying the online version of this course – please click here

Anger, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, and despair are some of the Negative Emotions that we associate ourselves to, especially during difficult and trying situations.

Sometimes we experience Negative Emotions as ‘left overs’, scars that come from difficult and trying situations. As children we’re taught that scars are beautiful, so why are we then taught that our emotional scars, aka. Negative Emotions, are anything less?

In truth, Negative Emotions are our body’s way of alerting us that there is something that we a) need to address but are b) ignoring. They offer us the opportunity for us to become aware of where in our body, our minds, or in our emotions, we’re holding resistance. This resistance can be in the form of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, triggers that result from negative and traumatic experiences, childhood experiences, abuse, emotional trauma, etc. Our Negative Emotions allow us the opportunity to understand our triggers, and in doing so, they offer us stepping stones toward releasing these triggers and regaining harmony.

Over the 4 week period you will learn;
– how to identify negative emotions
– raise your body + emotional awareness
– understand trapped emotions and how they influence your physical, emotional and mental health
– how negative emotions are stored in the body
– the mind-body connection
– the difference between triggers and surface triggers
– the architecture of triggers
– how resistance to change affects our triggers and emotions
– how to change
– the 8-step process to eliminating any limiting belief system
– the impact of forgiveness
– how to forgive
– physical exercises to release trapped emotions and change limiting belief systems

Soul Investment – R 2750 per person (payment plans are available on request). The workshop is run for 2,5 hours over FOUR consecutive Saturdays. Cost includes light refreshments and workshop manuals each week.

Please email me on to book your spot or click here to proceed to checkout.

Healing through the Chakras not only helps you find your voice, step into your authenticity and create a life of joy and abundance, but gives you a practical roadmap to wellness that you can use daily to understand yourself, your emotions, you life experiences and how they all work together to create your life!

This workshop covers all the tools + knowledge necessary to be your own successful self-healer! Everything you need to know to bring more balance, joy and peace to your life.

Self-healing + why it’s important
Negative + trapped emotions
The emotion-illness link
Body awareness
Emotional awareness
The energy body
Basic + Advanced Chakra System
Chakra Health
Intro. to Energy Healing
Intro. to Chromotherapy
Crystal Healing
Chakra Balancing with Crystals
Vibrational Aromatherapy
Chakra Balancing with essential oils
Releasing Negativity

Workshop details:
Date: Sunday, 15 March 2020
Time: 10:30 for 11:00 – 17:00
Venue: Earth Yoga Studio, Kyalami, Johannesburg
Soul Investment: – R1250.00 pp

Ticket price includes:
– A Full 10-piece Chakra set
– Two mini essential oil blends
– Workshop Manual and exercise booklet
– ‘Transformation of the Chakras’ healing book
– Light lunch and refreshments
– and much more!

During this workshop, you will learn:
– about the Self and Self-Healing
– about energy, crystal and vibrational healing
– the 7 Basic Chakra System
– about Healthy vs Unhealthy Chakras
– about the emotion – illness link
– How to manage your moods and emotions with Healing Crystals and Essential Oils
– How to balance your Chakras with Healing Crystals and Essential Oils
– How to release negativity and become better grounded in your life
– How to live your life with greater mindfulness, intention and with clearer goals

Space is limited! Email or click here to proceed to check out.

Disclaimer – refunds will not be given for last minute cancellations or withdrawal from workshops and courses under any circumstances. Refunds will also not be given once you have commenced your course/workshop but are unable to complete it – an alternative completion time can be discussed.