Emotional Decoding™: 1:1 and Group Coaching

Emotional Decoding™ is a profound and life changing healing journey that enables you to heal trauma and resulting chronic conditions that have built up over the years due to the consequences of trauma and associated nervous system dysregulation.

My unique approach has helped hundreds of people just like you, to conquer the invisible forces they felt were holding them back in life. It will rapidly transform your body, heart, core beliefs and energy field so that you can finally feel safe in your body, and in the world.

You will get complete clarity on what are often murky and unconscious events and understand exactly how they are being held in your nervous system and how this affects your emotions and relationships. Through deep reconstruction at a nervous system level you’ll no longer have to live in a body holding confusion, pain, and fear. You will also heal your womb (yes men, this includes you too!), your masculine and feminine essences, and reclaim the seat of your power, flow and inner wisdom.


After helping hundreds of men and women heal, I have created a proven process that works if you are:

– Seeking the truth of what happened to you so that you can finally get the answers and clarity you need to move forward. We can’t heal if we don’t know our truth or if we’re too scared to accept it, this is particularly true with childhood sexual trauma.

– Seeking a path of healing that will finally lift the veil on who you’ve been told you are and what you believe you can do in the world, to heal the shame and self-doubt that is created by trauma.

– Looking for empowerment that comes from deep within you so that you can feel emotionally balanced and free from the heavy burden that has weighed your heart down for so many years.

– Excited to rapidly re-create your core beliefs by learning to listen and feel your body’s innate wisdom so that you are not stuck in your head trying to heal at a conceptual level. I’ll also teach you practices to more deeply regulate and stay connected so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

– Committed to becoming the best version of yourself, forgiving yourself, loving yourself and transforming your health.

Client Testimonial

“She is truly a Healer, a Shaman, an Alchemist, a knowledgeable mentor, and an incredibly beautiful Woman with a loving Heart and Divine light. I cannot say enough good things about this experience and how incredibly blessed I feel to have been guided by such an amazing mentor, teacher and now close friend. Blessings to Kerry for nurturing my mind, body, spirit connection. I am speechless by the depth of my transformation in this short amount of time. If you are considering embarking on this journey, I would say don’t walk…. But Run!” – Maggie, South Africa.

‘I connected with Kerry not really realising that in all levels, in all ways, I was traumatised. My body was holding so much trauma on all levels – physical, sexual, emotional and even in my mindset. My nervous system was so much in overdrive and I had been deeply fatigued for so many years. I was so ill when I was younger, that I nearly died. 20 years later, I still never understood, why it happened. Until the day I met Kerry. It was not easy to allow myself to be raw and vulnerable, but Kerry was always patient, respectful, and professional. She helped me uncover the root causes and the trauma my body was holding. She did powerful work in a deep field to re-work my masculine and feminine aspects which had been distorted by the trauma. I finally forgave myself and cleared the imprints of fear from my heart, my liver, my sacrum, and my entire field. In just 12 weeks, I have felt a massive shift in my consciousness, my relationships and my physical body. I have never felt more like a man than I do now! A huge thank you Kerry.’ – Marcus, Germany

“Wow. Where to begin? In our first session I started shaking uncontrollably and released a huge amount of fear and trauma that had been boiling with my body. Throughout the journey I let go of so many things I didn’t even know I was holding onto! I can now feel a deep self acceptance that I just wouldn’t have been able to conceive of before. I must say, go and book her now while you can- because she’ll soon be going to places where we won’t be able to follow her so closely. People as precious as Kerry come into our lives as rarely as a solar eclipse. She has the softest, most intelligent perception and heart. It allowed me to release my rage and connect with my beauty. From then on, the healing sessions became a spiritual pilgrimage for me. They felt very, very necessary but also like a treat.” – Beth, UK.

Is this the year that you HEAL?

When you feel safe in your body and deeply understand how your core beliefs and foundational programming reflect your unconscious wounds and manifest in your external environment and circumstances you can finally start showing up in the world as the person you know you truly are. 

I am committed to catalysing profound breakthroughs for you so that you can finally leave your past in the past and move forward in your new body and life. 
Are you committing to your future self this year?

Emotional Decoding™️ is the bridge that links the discoveries of the original wounds, emotions, and mind into how we process them in the brain, store them in the body and integrate them into our lived experience. on this 6 month guided journey, you will, through my Emotional Decoding™️ system, completely recode your life as you know it and rebuild your foundation from a healed, balanced and authentic space.

In this program, I am going to share with you my own techniques, scripts, meditations, practices and exercises that I have spent years crafting, and even a phrase or two that I have coined, to assist my clients and students in achieving the the deeply profound and permanent change that they have been longing for.

If you feel called to work with me and you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, please select the exchange offering from the options below, and then book a call with me so that we can set up a time to meet and discuss your journey. Sessions are weekly, and will be held in a Zoom group format, or 1:1 by request. Please see below for more information, curriculum overview and what is included in your exchange.

Program Overview:

Module One – Foundations:

  • Section 1 – The Dynamics of Health and Healing – Understanding the Human Body
  • Section 2 – The Healing Process
  • Section 2 – Masculine and Feminine Aspects
  • Section 3 – The Body, Emotions & Heart, and the SoulBrain
  • Section 4 – The Evolution of the Child
  • Section 5 – The Five Types of Trauma
  • Section 6 – The Anatomy of Trauma

Module Two – Decoding the Body: ReConnect

  • Section 1 – The language of the body
  • Section 2 – The mind-body-emotion link
  • Section 3 – The brain and nervous system
  • Section 4 – Body Awareness
  • Section 5 – Perception, the senses and how we process information

Module Three – Decoding the Emotions: ReClaim and Empower

  • Section 1 – Emotions and emotional healing
  • Section 2 – Emotional Awareness
  • Section3 – The Architecture of Triggers
  • Section 4 – The Core Wound

Module Four – Decoding the Mind: Release and ReProgram

  • Section 1 – Trauma Identities
  • Section 2 – Trauma Banks
  • Section 3 – The Rules: Beliefs, Behaviours, Patterns and Habits
  • Section 4 – Resistance to Change

Module Five – Self-Mastery: Integrate

  • Section 1- Mastering the relationship with the Self
  • Section 2 – Laying a new foundation
  • Section 3 – Types of Integration
  • Section 4 – Integration > Rejection


Option 1: Exchange in Full – $1500US (ZAR 25 466.00)! This is a limited time discount on the regular price of $2250. Select this option here.

Option 2: PAY PER MONTH: 11* x monthly payments of $250 US (deposit to secure your spot + 10 monthly payments). To select this option, click here. For South African residents, please contact me directly for monthly payment plans.

**Please note that due to the nature of group programs, and all sessions being Live teachings (not pre-recorded), the program may take longer than the designed 10 months. More information on this will be explained in the Information session. Where monthly payments are selected, payments will continue each month for the duration of the training.

Your exchange includes;

– 1 x 90 – 120 minute group session per week (online). (Session duration is adjusted according to the size of the group)
– Recordings of group sessions available for download via Facebook shared group drive.
– 1 x 30-45 min 1:1 sessions per month (online or telephonic)
– Reasonable daily access via WhatsApp/ Messenger (or platform of choice) to assist with processing and integration of each week’s sessions.
– All written content covered in sessions (provided in PDF format)
– All additional reading materials
– Any exercises, practices and at-home activities to aid sessions and enhance your journey.
– Instruction, demonstrations, scripts, applications, forms, diagrams, or additional learning materials to support the therapies, tools, exercises, meditations, supplements, etc., that are included in the sessions so that you are able to fully support yourself once the program is complete.

This program is also offered as part of a Facilitator Training – if you are interested in becoming a trained CannaBlu™️ or Emotional Decoding™️ Facilitator, please select the option below to learn more about the training.