Crystals to Shift your Vibration!

Hey Beauties! It’s that time of year when we start to bring out our summer clothes, clear out the clutter and get our summer glow on! ☀️☀️☀️ (at least for us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway 😜) Its also that time of year when we want to dump that heavy energy that we have been carrying around with us. It’s time to declutter our energy field and air out our Soul! ✨🙏💛

Its Operation Shift Your Vibration time!!!! 😁🙏🏻☀️✨ I’ve chatted about ‘Vibration’ in a few posts, and how it’s relevant to how you feel and your overall health and well-being, so here are some of my favourite crystals, as well as some other tips, for giving your vibration a joyful, airy and uplifting boost!

  • Grab some high vibe crystals like Apophyllite, Herkimor Diamonds, and Peach Selenite and spend some time meditating with them! I like to use 2 Apophyllite points,  one pointing into my Heart Chakra and one pointing towards the top of my head at my Crown Chakra. Lay quietly with these Crystal for 15-30 mins. This will help you suck in all of those AMAZING high vibes of the Universe! 💫🌟🤩
  • Bring high vibes into your space and declutter your home – throw open the windows and diffuse an uplifting oil like Bergamot, Lemon, or Elevation!
  • Clear your aura with an essential oil spray, and apply your uplifting oil to the bottoms of your feet to give your aura a boost!
  • Eat fresh, organic foods, lots of leafy greens and drink a bunch of water to flush toxins from your energy + physical bodies.
  • Gratitude journal, spend time with some scripture, personal development books, or recite some daily positive affirmations!

Filling your cup will always leave you feeling refreshed and Flying high!!

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