Energetic Protection; Crystals to protect your, and your baby’s, energy

Here’s another bump post for all the preggy mama’s! Last time I posted about the crystals I use during my self-Reiki sessions, I had a ton of messages asking which crystals can be used during pregnancy – and there are a ton! All used for different purposes. But today I want to share some recommendations that will offer energetic protection.

Below are a few of my favorite crystals to use (wear) when I’m out and about that;
– protect my energy from external influences
– keep my Bebe safe from external influences
– keep my Bebe safe from taking on any negative Emotions or energies that I may experience during the day
– and protect us both from environmental energetic pollution.

It’s no secret that we are continually picking up and dumping energy throughout the day, and the pure, life growing comfortably inside your womb can be a magnet for all kinds of energy, including your own.

So here are some of my favourites that are Bebe safe, and can be worn on a pendant, in your bra, or carried tucked into your pocket:
🖤Black Onyx
🖤Black Kyanite
🖤Smokey Quartz

All four of these are powerful protection stones that both ward off negative energies, as well as transmute (change) any negative energies into positive one, keeping you, your energy, and your Bebe safe and protected from the negative vibes that others may be putting out, or any energetic pollution in your surroundings!

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