Crystals in your Home and Environment

Crystals in your home and environment – A common question that I am asked is how to use crystals in one’s home – or where in one’s home to place them. Now, there is no right or wrong when it comes to where you place crystals in your home, but it can get a little confusing as there are so many differing opinions out there. I don’t follow any rules when it comes to crystals in my home (except when it comes to the crystals used in a child’s bedroom – which I will go over below), and generally encourage allowing your intuition to guide you, but here are some suggestions, guidelines, and a few specific ways of using crystals in your environment to enhance different energies.

Crystals work whenever you’re around them, and you don’t need to do anything special to benefit from the energy that crystals contribute to your home, and the atmosphere of your home! Not only do crystals benefit you and your family, their presence in your environment has positive effects on your plants and pets too!

No.1 Rule – always cleanse your crystals when bringing them home from being purchased, and keep them clean and dust free. 

Intuitive Direction

Using your intuition to guide you is a fun way of not only connecting with the energy of the crystal you want to place in your space, but is also great to grow your intuition and understand how specific crystals want to work with you.

  • For this method, you’ll want to take your cleansed crystal and place it in the palm of your non-dominant (or receiving) hand with the intention of connecting with the energy of your crystal. Place your dominant (or giving) hand on top of the crystal and allow yourself to relax and open to receiving the crystals energy.
  • Sit quietly for about 5 – 10 minutes, undisturbed so that you can truly connect. Before long, you should begin to feel a tingling or buzzing sensation in the palm of your hand below where the crystal is resting, this is the crystal’s energy connecting with your own.
    If this is the first time that you are connecting with crystal energy, it can take a little while before you begin to feel this sensation, or it may be faint, so be patient with yourself and don’t feel discouraged if it takes longer than 10 minutes. If you feel yourself becoming impatient or frustrated, take a break and then try again. 
  • Once you have made the connection with your crystal, ask it which space or room in your home it wants to be placed in, or where in your home it’s energy will be most beneficial.
  • Slowly walk from room to room in your home and notice how the tingling/buzzing sensation feels in your palm as you make your way around your home.
  • A stronger sensation will be an indication of the room to place it in, kinda like a homing device 😉

Geodes and Large Crystals

Now, if you’re working with a geode or a large crystal – don’t break your wrist trying to hold it in your palm! Simply place your receiving hand on top of the crystal/geode and allow yourself to connect with its energy in the same way. Then, instead of carrying the large stone around from room to room, simply ask the question, close your eyes and the first room to pop into your mind is where it wants to go 🙂

Personally, this is my go to method when placing crystals in my home and personal environments! If you use this method, please let me know how your experience went, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 

Before I get into some of the more specific ways of placing crystals in your environment according to their individual energies, I just want to cover a few guidelines on using crystals in children’s bedrooms as this is a topic often not covered.

Children and Crystals

Children are born with the innate magnetism towards crystals and are incredibly sensitive to Crystal Energy, more sensitive than us adults may be. They feel the presence of energy in a room and are more open to receiving the healing that crystals have to offer us, and, as a result do not require particularly ‘strong’ crystals to help them become more relaxed, alleviate their pain or discomfort, or relieve an excess of energy within their system.

For example, Amethyst, is a truly wonderful high-vibration healing crystal that assists with a number of issues. Many will recommend Amethyst as a crystal that is great for children, and it is, however, because of its high vibrational properties it can interfere with the quality of a child’s sleep – causing very vivid dreams, and often nightmares, that interrupt their sleep. So, Amethyst may be a great stone to create and maintain a positive space for a room in your house, but not one that you would want to keep in the bedroom or next to a child’s bed. An alternative would be placing it in a play room or another room in the house where your child spends a lot of time. If there is Amethyst in a communal living room in your home, your child will benefit from it when in these spaces.

Crystal Safety for Children

Before I continue, a quick note on Crystal Safety around Children. When working with crystals near children, I implore you to be vigilant and keep and eye on them at all times, and put crystals out of reach from little hands (especially if they are small enough to fit in the mouth of the child and pose as a choking hazard!).

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Always opt to work with Crystals that are larger in size when working with children, so as to avoid any choking hazard, but not so large that they will be heavy on the body of the child or baby you are working with.
  • When placing crystals on baby’s body, NEVER leave unattended. Make sure you have a firm grasp on that stone as baby will try grab it and put it in their mouth.
  • When placing crystals in kids’ bedrooms, under cots, etc., make sure they are out of reach of little hands and crawling bodies. Sticking them in place with Prestik (or even hot glue from a glue gun) is a good idea.
  • Assign a dedicated container / box to your child’s crystal and stone collection, making sure that your child knows to clear up when done playing.
  • When purchasing crystals that will be worn by your child (teething necklaces, bracelets, amulets, and jewellery in general), make sure the thread or elastic used is strong and won’t easily wear. Make sure to check the condition regularly.
  • If you do spot your older child with crystals near their mouths, gently move their hands away. Don’t interrupt them, just repeat the motion of gently moving their hands down.
  • Make sure to cleanse crystals regularly. Red Jasper, a common favourite with kiddos, absorbs negative energy as has the tendency to crumble and break apart when not cleansed.
  • When in doubt, go without!

Okay, so now that I’ve covered the serious stuff, which crystals are a good for little bedrooms? When placing crystals in the bedroom of a child, you generally want to opt for grounding and calming energies that will promote restful sleep, keep away negative energies, and promote a calm and safe atmosphere for your little one. Here are some of my personal recommendations:

  • Grounding / Energetic Protection – Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Black Onyx, Amethyst, and Smokey Quartz.
  • Grounding / Releasing excess energy – Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, and Strawberry Quartz
  • Confidence/Will Power/Courage – Crazy Lace Agate, Tiger’s Eye,
  • Self-Acceptance – Green Aventurine,
  • Creativity – Yellow Fluorite
  • Calming – Blue Lace Agate, Blue and Green Calcite, and Rose Quartz
  • Calm Nightmares – Fairy Quartz ad Celestite
  • Irritability – Chalcedony and Pearl
  • Love/Affection/Feeling Loved – Rose Quartz
  • Temper Tamer – Red Jasper or Emerald
  • Anxiety – Green or Yellow Aventurine
  • Emotional Expression (to help encourage) – Howlite
  • Communication (to open channels) – Blue Lace Agate
  • Anger – Snowflake Obsidian
  • Aggression – Bloodstone or Amethyst
  • Energy Calmer – Orange Calcite and Strawberry Quartz
  • Grounding & Sleeping – Smokey Quartz or Hematite
  • Protection – Moonstone (especially during sleep) and Hematite

On a similiar not, here is another post I wrote about the benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp in a child’s room, or any room for that matter. Although Himalayan Salt Crystal isn’t necessary classified commonly as a healing crystal, is does fall within in the category, and should be taken into account when working with children and the home environment. This post covers the basic health benefits that a lamp has on a child, however, you could similarly use a piece of Himalayan Rock Crystal over each Chakra – refer to Halite in your Glossary – to assist with mood management: Himalayan Salt Lamps – The Benefits.

Now that we have your little one’s covered, here are some ways that you can use the specific energetic properties of crystals to guide where and how you use them in your environment – if you haven’t used the intuitive direction method.

Placing crystals in your environment can not only improve the atmosphere and energy within your home, help keep negative energies out, but also help improve and positively influence many areas of your life, and can be used for specific intentions. Here are some relevant to your home environment:

  • Promote a loving home space – it’s common knowledge that Rose Quartz fills any space its placed in with its gentle, loving energy! Place in any room in the house – living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and allow love to fill your space.
  • Healing Family Problems – Fairy Quartz placed in a communal room, like a living room, tv room, dining room, etc. where the family spend a lot of time together.
  • Cleanse and Uplift the Energy – Selenite placed in living spaces will uplift the energy and continually cleanse the space, keeping the atmosphere light and vibrant.
  • Promote a healthy Home environment – Rose Quartz, Fairy Quartz, or Amethyst placed in a communal room, like a living room, tv room, dining room, etc. where the family spend a lot of time together.
  • Healthy, Patient Home Environment – Spirit Quartz placed in a communal room, like a living room, tv room, dining room, etc. where the family spend a lot of time together, or placed on an entrance table.
    If you’re not sure about the difference between Fairy and Spirit Quartz, here is an older post outlining the two.
  • Keeping Negative Energies at bay – Black Tourmaline gridded around the house (one in each corner of the house and above each doorway) or Smokey Quartz placed at each doorway of the house.
  • Energy and Balance – Amethyst and Quartz Crystal placed in communal spaces within the home or on an entrance table will energise the room and have everyone who enters feel more relaxed at at home.
  • Sleep Easy – Celestite and Black Onyx placed next to the bed, or under your pillow, will have you sleeping soundly and peacefully.
  • Positive Work Environment – Common Opal is great at promoting a happy work environment – place in home offices, studies, on desks, or where family members work and/or study.
  • Clearing the energy after an argument – sometimes the atmosphere can feel heavy following an argument. Placing a Kunzite in the room where the argument took place will allow any residual bad feelings and negative energy to flow away.
  • Promote Physical Energy and Vitality – Orange Carnelian and Green Aventurine placed in your bedroom or kitchen is great for providing a physical energy boost and promoting health and vitality. Orange Carnelian will also inspire creativity when placed in the kitchen, keeping dinner times fun and interesting.
  • Promote open and honest communication amongst family members by placing Blue Lace Agate or Blue Kyanite in bedrooms. The gentle and soothing energies will also relieve stress and promote restful sleep.
  • Stress and Anxiety Free – Apophyllite placed in any room will immediately soothe any stress, fears, worry, and anxieties. Known for its high vibration and its ability to invite angels into your home to uplift you with love and light, positive flow of energy invited in by this crystal is like a stream of running water that continually loosens blockages and washes away any unwanted energies.
  • Healthy Indoor Plants – this one is more for your plant friends. Placing a Rose Quartz, Tree Agate, or Green Moss Agate beside or in the pots of your indoor plants will keep them healthy and vibrant.
  • Protection from EMF – The number of devices we keep in our home and bedrooms (mobiles, iPads, WIFI routers, smart watches, etc.) continues to increase and the electro-magnetic frequencies given off by these devices can interfere with our quality of sleep, concentration, physical energy, and overall health and wellbeing. Placing Shungite next to your electronics can give your own energy a little protection from EMF interference. Its intense energy will leave you feeling balanced and in a neutral state.

This is a very general guideline, but I hope it helps you in deciding where to place crystals within your home. Always trust your intuition, and allow yourself to enjoy the process of placing crystals within your home and environment.

Have questions about specific crystals? Feel free to shoot me an email at Interested in learning more about crystals, and how to use them to maintain welbeing in your life, click here.

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