Courage: A Sacral Chakra Topic

sacral chakra workshop - courage Let’s talk Courage! This topic has been knocking at my door today so clearly I needed to post about it.

Associated with our Sacral Chakra, courage is a big topic since FEAR is what holds us back from living a happy, fulfilled life that is in line with our most authentic selves and deepest desires.

If fear didn’t hold you back, what are some things in your life that you would do or do differently?

Make a list of these things, and understand that the first things that come to your mind are the things that your heart truly wants! ✨
This list may be overwhelming (it may include LIFE CHANGING things like a move, a job change, a religious shift, unfriending toxic friends, adopting a child, changing your gender or sexual preference, or a divorce, for example, or it may be small things like eat more leafy greens, drink more water, spend more quality time with your partner, take an art class, play more with your children), but try to make a point to take these things into consideration, and also understand the fears that may be keeping you from doing and having what it is that you really want. ✨

Baby steps are super important and can make the thought of facing your fears and making healthy changes much less scary. If you do find yourself becoming overwhelmed, the following affirmation can assist in releasing your fears;

“Today I will let go of all fear. I will realise that fear comes from how I perceive myself, and not myself. My ego is a perception that I have created and by letting go of my ego I am able to embrace the truth inside me, which is fearless. EGO is simply another word for Edging Greatness Out. Whenever my ego overshadows my spirit it creates tension in my body. By overcoming this fear, I will embrace this sensation of fear by feeling it and then I will take the courageous step to doing that which I fear! I will not fight my fear or my ego; I will witness them, I will experience them, I will observe myself without judgement. Today I will observe my fear and my witnessing of it will transform”.

Don’t fear your dreams lovely.
If you are interested in learning more about yourself, how to overcome your fears and how to bring more balance and healing into your energetic anatomy – check out my personal development courses!
Kerry. Xx
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