How to Balance a Chakra with a Healing Crystal

Once we discover that one of our chakras needs a bit more TLC, how can we go about bringing it back into a state of healthy energetic “balance”? There are many ways actually, but here is a simple practice that you can adopt, so you can begin to start balancing your own chakras at home, with healing crystals!

chakra-balancing-wherehumrestsFirst, select a chakra stone that coordinates well with the chakra that you want to improve. Let’s say, I want to bring more balance and health to my base chakra, since I’m currently feeling a bit scattered and ungrounded… I would choose a stone, like a beautiful red jasper (furthest stone on the right in the line pictured here), as it is wonderful for the base chakra!

Here is a list of a basic chakra set that you can use for all things that are associated with, or governed by, each chakra in the basic chakra system (there are many variations of chakra sets, these are my personal recommendations):

~ Base Chakra – Red Jasper
~ Sacral Chakra – Orange Carnelian
~ Solar Plexus Chakra – Citrine
~ Heart Chakra – Rose Quartz (lower heart chakra) and Green Aventurine (upper heart chakra)
~ Throat Chakra – Blue Lace Agate
~ Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst
~ Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz

So, once you have got your crystal babies, here’s what you’re going to do:

Select the chakra stone for the chakra that you want to work on, lay down in a comfortable and quiet place (facing up, with clothing on is perfectly fine, as the Crystal does not have to touch your skin to work).

Place a grounding stone (like a nice chunk of black tourmaline) at your feet between your ankles. Using a grounding stone whenever doing any chakra balancing work  anchors us energetically to the Earth and creates a clear path for excess and/or negative energy and build ups to exit our aura and chakra system.

Next, place your chakra crystal on your body, on the area of the chakra you are intending to balance, i.e. for your solar plexus chakra you will place your crystal just above your belly button.

With your eyes closed and body relaxed, breathe slowly, deeply and calmly, and visualize this chakra filling with a beautiful white light. In your mind’s eye (your third eye or imagination) picture your chakra spinning like a beautiful pinwheel in a clockwise direction, and intend for any energy blockages that may be in this chakra to be released and exit your energy body by moving down your body, down your legs, out through the bottoms of your feet, and finally deep into the Earth, where it will be recycled into something new and positive.

Continue visualizing this chakra spinning steadily and filling with light, and while you do so, send positive, healing and loving intentions to this energy centre, to yourself, and to this area of your life. Rest in this position for 5-15 minutes (or 15-30 if you are working on multiple chakras), or for as long as you feel called to.

If you are interested in learning more about chakras and healing crystals or are interested in pursuing a career as a crystal healing practitioner, give me a shout below. Or, if you would like to book a session with me, book below 🙂
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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