New Baby Bliss

img_3827Hello Lovelies! I had a request to post recommendations for mommas with newbies, so here are some of my favourite crystals and oils!

Before I dive into the details though, I would STRONGLY recommend that ANY crystals kept near baby (this includes toddlers) and in baby’s room are large enough NOT to fit in baby’s mouth, and are kept OUT of reach. If you are going to lay any crystals on baby’s body, PLEASE supervise at all times!! Please use common sense when using small objects, crystals or anything else near baby. We don’t want any choking hazards. I also do NOT recommend using essential oils internally or topically on baby. All essential oil recommendations I make are to be used in a diffuser or humidifier.

Hopefully, I haven’t scared you away now, but I felt that needed to be mentioned. Being at home with a newbie truly is a special time, but it can also be trying for us moms. We want to choose crystals that bring in loving, soothing vibes, that will nurture the growing bonds between baby and parents, but it’s also good to have some crystal babies on hand to soothe baby through any physical discomfort. (I will do a separate post for mommas).

~ Spirit Quartz is an uplifting, high-vibe crystal that takes Quartz to another level! Often mistaken for fairy quartz or ‘amethyst’ spirit quartz, this variant is white and is often sold as ‘cactus quartz’. Perfectly balancing yin-yang (female/male energies), spirit quartz carries the vibration of universal love, instilling patience and community within the home, facilitating family bonding, especially when a new member of the family in brought into the home.   Often mistaken for fairy quartz or ‘amethyst’ spirit quartz, this variant is white and is often sold as ‘cactus quartz’.

~ Moonstone , with its gentle, feminine energy, is great for baby as it protects them as they merge into their new world, especially as they spend lots of time withdrawing and re-entering their body through sleep time. Offering increased patience and allowing to new routines and synchronicities, Moonstone brings harmony to the home.

~ Hematite (and black tourmaline) is a personal favourite for grounding and calming littlies of any age. Hematite is a strong protection stone, and when kept in baby’s room, or placed underneath their cot, creates an environment where they feel calm, safe and protected.

~ Apatite brings a gentle, soothing energy to babies, helping them settle in and be comfortable with their bodies and surroundings. Apatite also encourages healthy function of the digestive system, important too for littlies.

~ Blue Kyanite brings calm and tranquillity with its gentle energy. When placed on the body, blue kyanite physically alleviates pain and discomfort.

~Amber, a powerful yet gentle healer and cleanser, it not only relieves physical pain, but it draws out and transmutes negative energy of all kinds on all levels. Amber also helps with the organs of elimination, including the liver, kidneys, bladder, and stomach, aiding colic and other ‘windy’ issues baby might have.

~And last, but definitely not least, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is like a warm snuggle for little ones and when kept in baby’s room helps baby adjust to the new experience of being separate from mum. Rose Quartz lamps in baby’s room will create a soothing, loving environment where baby will feel calm, loved and safe.

I know that there are many people who recommend keeping amethyst and selenite in baby’s room, but I advise against it. While these are both two of my favourite crystals, they are very high vibe and, especially amethyst, can give one vivid dreams, which can result in restless sleep for littlies and newbies alike. My daughter has a ton of amethyst, in fact, she is always wearing her fairy quartz pendant, but it’s not kept in her bedroom. By all means, keep it everywhere else in your house, just away from where little one’s sleep. 

Essential oils diffused in a room, or used with a humidifier can have beneficial effects on baby too;

~ Peppermint, Eucalyptus, or Melaleuca oils help in relieving congestion and soothe coughing.

~ Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Bergamot all have wonderful soothing aromas that calm baby during bath time, feeding time and before sleep time.

There are many essential oils brand on the market, but personally,  I only use Doterra oils as they are 100% natural organic oils. If you need to buy any oils, you can get them directly through my shop tab.

As always, these are my personal recommendations through my working with crystals and essential oils. If you have any questions regarding how to use crystals and oils, feel free to get in touch! 🙂
~ Love & Light, Kerry.

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~ Holistic Self-Healing: What’s that? ~

img_3698Holistic health is a wellness approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit (or the physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual aspects) of an individual. ✨

By spirit or spiritual, I am not making a reference to anything religious. We’re talking about the essence of who you are – the core self. ✨Holistic or “wholistic” healing addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person where manifested illnesses are most apparent. 🌸

Holistic healing is not intended to be a quick-fix, addressing surface problems, it is a continuous journey of self-discovery and self-healing. 🙌🌿🍄 Through learning about HOW to balance your mind, body, and soul, you will feel more integrated, connected (with yourself and your surroundings), lighter, relieved, relaxed and grounded ~ you will begin to feel whole! 🙏🏼✨

Holistic healing can be done with a healing practitioner, it is my opinion that a good healing practitioner is one who will empower you and give you the tools that you need so that you can continue your healing and personal development journey when you are at home.
Everything that I offer can be used in isolation but I always recommend that treatments (whether reiki, crystal hearing or tarot readings) are often most effective when used in conjunction with each other, and supplemented with self-work at home. The work YOU do is the most important treatment! I am only a tool to guide and assist you. 🙏🏼💕

If you would like to know more about holistic self-healing exercises and tools for self-work at home, I will be running a FREE workshop starting Monday, 19 September 2016. Comment below or click on the “Sign me up” button below would like to join this workshop!! It’s FREE for anyone who is curious about self-care, interested in knowing simple self-healing techniques that can be incorporated into your daily life, and ESPECIALLY for those who know they deserve MORE!! It’s gonna be fun!!
~Love & Light, Kerry
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~Monday Mandala – Guiding us through difficult times~

img_3661Happy Monday lovelies!! A shiny new week to full of shiny new possibilities!! This week’s Monday mandala ~ crystal grid to set the energies for the week has a blue apatite crystal as the centre point with sodalite (third eye and throat), blue lace agate (throat), and green aventurine (heart) spiraling outwards. 🌀♻️🌀 there seems to be a reoccurring theme this month of BALANCE and COMMUNICATION, not surprising as these are probably two of the hardest elements to achieve peace in today’s crazy world.

However, I’m being pushed more and more that this message today is specifically for someone (I don’t know who, I’m just delivering the message 😊), so if you are working through a particularly difficult, emotional situation, know that you are loved and supported. 🙏🏼💙✨
The energies in the mandala today are STRONG!! With Apatite holding that balance in the centre, and the rest spiraling outwards.. 🌀 The spiral symbol (in spirituality) has huge significance of the path leading from our outer consciousness (our ego, our outward perceptions, materialistic pursuits) to the inner soul (enlightenment, inner awareness, our intuitive connection with self and our spirit family)…Hello holistic growth 😍😍

💠 #Apatite is a powerful balancer of energies, chakras, subtle bodies, and our yin-yang (female / male) energies. Helping us connect with our higher levels of spiritual guidance, apatite is a great manifestation enhancer, helping us achieve the results that we want!
💚 GreenAventurine protects and comforts our heart with a gentle, soothing energy. Helping us work through unresolved, emotional issues, this “stone of personal growth” guides us through opportunities to learn about ourselves and our place in the universe.
💠 Sodalite, a stone of awakening, stimulates out throat and third eye chakras, assisting us with being true to ourselves and standing up for what we believe. Sodalite bring a strong energy, helping us see through the cloud of emotions to make intuitive and logical decisions!
💠 Blue Lace Agate brings gentle, calming energies to our throat chakra, helping us accept our emotions, dissolving worry and working behind the scenes to dissolve any negative emotions. Blue Lace Agate brings love into our throat chakra so that we may express ourselves in a calm and loving way.
🌰 Sandalwood eo is perfect for when we’re feeling uptight and tense. Inhaling it’s rich, woody scent helps us find our centre and reconnect with our inner self, helping us to be mindful and less reactive to situations 🙌

Woweee!! Can you see what I mean now?? INTENSE, but with the strong and gentle energies guiding you through this situation, you can’t go wrong. 💠🙏🏼💙 Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself, often when we’re in the face of a tricky situation that requires tactful and careful communication we let our hurt, anger and ego get in the way.
Rather take a step back, take a walk, and introspect. You will always find the solution that is right for you when you listen. 🙏🏼💕💕

I hope this grid provides you with some clarity and support, your spirit family is always available to you, you only need to call on them for help. If you would like me to do a one-on-one reading for you, you can get in touch with me by clicking on the button below.  If you’re loving this and want to share, feel free, I only ask you give credit where cred is due 🙏🏼✨

Wishing everyone a magical week.
~ Love & Light, KerryBook now button

~Fear. An ‘open forum’ to allaying yours. ~

IMG_3525Why is it in our nature to fear that which we do not know, or understand? Actually, it’s not. Fear is a self-created, emotional defence mechanism to something that we perceive as threatening, and most of these perceptions are a result of inherited prejudices, childhood experiences, and unbalanced chakras.
For example, my ex-husband was terrified of spiders and as a result, my little one was equally as terrified, but when I asked her why she was so completely terrified of something smaller than her baby toenail, she couldn’t tell me. Think of a horror story… loads of non-fictional information put together in a way that scares the heck out of us! Okay, so why am I bringing this up??

The topic of holistic healing and a holistic lifestyle, natural healing, self-care and holistic practices is one that is still quite new and only now becoming more commonly, and openly, spoken about. It’s almost had this fear created around it by some individuals who don’t have the best work ethic and have given the metaphysical genre a negative stigma. This aside, I still find that very few people take the time to learn what it is all about, partly out of fear and closed-mindedness.

Personally, I’ve experienced this many times. I find more and more (particularly in South Africa where I live) that people have some pretty strange reactions when I tell them I’m a holistic healer- they don’t really know what it is, what it involves and how it benefits people, and a LOT of people associate it with religion. So I have decided to cover the basics, both here and on my social media pages!!

If you have ANY questions or subjects you would like to know more about, comment below 👇or email me privately, and I will do my best to cover it in a post! 😍
Whether you want to know about living a holistic lifestyle, energy healing, crystals, essential oils, tarot and oracle cards, meditation, the universe – you name it! Ask away! I am here for you! I always encourage questions because that’s how we learn and grow. I look forward to hearing what’s on your mind!
~Love & Light, Kerry.watermark 1 PNG

~ Grounded and sane “Frazzle-Free” Toolkit ~

I have had such a busy momma admin day today! My daughter’s ballet exam is coming up and I’ve been rushing around making sure she has everything she needs for it. Not to mention it’s Monday, which is always an admin day for me, but we generally have late starts on a Monday (i.e. we’re usually late). I find people to be a little more aggressive on the roads on Mondays. I’ve never really understood why people get so upset and angered in traffic but this usually leaves me feeling slightly frazzled by the time I get to my final destination! Anyone else have this experience?? Whether you’re a mom or not, simple things like traffic, running late, deadlines, etc. can get you feeling stressed and frazzled too.

I thought I would share one of the most valuable things that I do for myself on a daily basis, especially when I know I have a busy day ahead of me, and that is making sure that I am grounded. This kit keeps me focused on what I need to do, helps me manage the little stresses that come with being a mom, and in check with myself and my surroundings. It’s particularly useful when I’m feeling frazzled…

If you’re not sure what it means to be grounded, simply put it means that you are present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what is going on around you.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by everything, misplace items (like car keys) often, keep forgetting appointments and talks, have a million things going through your head and struggle to focus on any of them or feeling like you are putting in so much but achieving very little ~ chances are you are not grounded.


I call this toolkit my Frazzle-Free toolkit, associated with the Root Chakra, it keeps me grounded and balanced every day, regardless of what I have to do. In the morning before I start my day I will sit quietly (you can also do this lying down if you prefer), barefoot, with my black tourmaline chunk between my feet, my Patchouli EO uncapped and my smokey quartz in my hands. I close my eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply and releasing any tension, irritation, anxiety, etc in my mind and body, and do a simple grounding exercise. My feet get super tingly and heavy when I do this, that’s when I know it’s working 🙂

If I’ve had a particularly hectic day, I repeat this little exercise in the evening before going to bed.  When I am feeling uber frazzled, I will rub a couple drops of oil on the soles of my feet (dilute with a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin).
~ Smokey Quartz is one of my favourite grounding stones as it acts like a negative energy filter, sucking in all the negative vibes and releases the purified, positive energy.
~Black Tourmaline is a fab grounding and protection stone, repelling and blocking negative vibes. (A great one for blocking against psychic attacks).
~ Patchouli EO has a really earthy aroma, using aromatically provides a grounding, balancing effect on our emotions. You can use any essential oil that is woody and earthy, like White Fir, Frankincense, Cinnamon and Doterra’s Balance blend, the Patchouli is just my personal pick!

In addition to this, I like to keep some beautiful clear quartz and citrine tumblies in a pouch in my pocket as I run around, and I never leave the house without my smokey quartz and black tourmaline bracelet. The citrine and clear quartz keep my energy levels up and my vibes high!! 🙂

This kit falls part of my daily self-care routine, without fail. By introducing this simple toolkit into your daily routine, you are allowing yourself to release negative energy and connected to the earth. Heck, it’s so simple you can do it sitting in your car. You will begin to feel more content with the daily notions of your everyday life. Not only will this benefit how you feel throughout the day, but it will improve how you think and how you function. Your mood will be uplifted and others around you (kids / friends / family / colleagues) will benefit from your state of calm happiness. 🙂 If you are currently experiencing a difficult situation or emotion and would like me to recommend a personalized toolkit for you, email me at I would be more than happy to help!

Each of the stones I have mentioned in today’s post have their own energetic vibration (some stronger than others). I encourage you to work with them and discover what each brings to you and how they uniquely interact with your energetic field. You can find any of the oils I mentioned under the shop tab on the menu. If you order your essential oils through my link, you will also get my one-on-one support in your wellness journey.

~Namase. watermark 1 PNG



~Find your Voice! Your Communication Toolkit ~

Gosh! There are so many people in my life (friends, family, colleagues) who are experiencing tricky situations right now, this week, that come down to communication!! It may be Mercury Retrograde having tricky influences on their energy, but every day I’m speaking to someone who is in a situation that requires thoughtful, honest but delicate communication.

Let’s chat about the current Mercury Retrograde cycle for a sec. 

I don’t like heading into something expecting the worst, in fact, I advise against it. When we become consumed by what could go wrong (what if..), or expect that something will go wrong, we put that fear, panic, anxiety, dread out into the universe. When we do that, we are telling the universe that that’s what we want to happen. I’m bringing this up because astrological energies do influence us, however, it’s up to us to decide how strong that influence this. This is what has been forecast for this current cycle:

Relationships require meticulous attention to consideration, now — without manipulation or double standard.  It may be more difficult to accomplish, but going the proverbial extra mile and taking a spiritually superior approach will very likely help to build relationships where tensions may otherwise get out of control during this Mercury Retrograde cycle. More so now than usual, this is the time when our communications must be clear, cautious, and discriminating in our choice of words, because misunderstandings occur far more often during Mercury Retrograde.

Interpersonally, communications at all levels are problematic, and we are inclined to think slower – process communications slower! We have to be patient with each other and ourselves. (Source)

Now we know that potentially some communication concerns may arise and instead of fixating on this, we can curate a more uplifting outlook and grab our wellness toolkits to assist us along the way!

What the heck are wellness toolkits? 

I loooove them! My mentor first introduced me to them as a mood management tool, and I’m constantly finding killer combos of my own that I love sharing with anyone and everyone 🙂 They are something I recommend to my clients as part of their action plans after sessions, and personally use them every day. My eight-year-old has even developed her own that she uses regularly. Quite simply they are a combination of essential oils and healing crystals.


This particular one I want to share with you today is a fantastic communication combo, assisting your throat chakra to open up so that you can find your voice!

The combination ~ Blue Kyanite, Turquoise, and Peppermint essential oil! Kyanite helps bridge the communication gap between individuals, helping us speak the truth with clarity. Turquoise gives us the courage we need to express ourselves and speak our truth with ease. Peppermint EO invigorates and stimulates the mind and has a direct action on intellect, promoting creativity and self-expression.

How to use it ~ there are two ways to use this communication toolkit; 1. before going into a situation where a tough communication is needed and, 2. during the situation. (This situation may be a business meeting, a conversation with a friend, or simply writing.)

Before: Sit somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Remove the cap from the bottle, close your eyes and, while holding the gems in your hands, inhale the scent from the EO. Allow your mind to clear and focus only on honest, thoughtful messages being received to and delivered from you. You can say an affirmation to help focus your intentions ~ “I send and receive messages with ease and grace. I easily receive all forms of communication that are for the highest good”.

During: If you are able to, using the peppermint oil in a diffuser where you will be whilst you are busy will assist with maintaining that calm, open mood that you have just put yourself in 🙂 It will also create a calm, comfortable environment which will encourage open and honest communication to flow easily. You can keep your gems near you, or in your pocket.

You can use other combinations of crystals and oils, this is the combo that does wonders for me! Try it out, and let me know what you got from it. By all means, experiment with other crystals and oils to find what is a fit for you! These are also great for communication;

~ Crystals: Celestite, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli.

~ Essential Oils: Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Eucalyptus.

If you’d like to learn more about healing crystals, essential oils, and how they can be used as a self-healing tool, check out the Workshops and Courses tab on my site, or feel free to get in touch anytime!

~ Namaste. watermark 2 PNG


~ Cleanse my Mind, Body, and soul. Part 1~

I’m sure you’re familiar with the benefits that a good detox has on your body; cleansing the body of toxins, regulating our moods and boosting our energy. But why do we stop with just the body? We may not always realise it, but our mind and soul collect just as many toxins as our physical body.

Think about hIMG_3186ow many things run through your mind every day, making sure that you have enough time to get everything done, something didn’t work our quite the way you wanted it to at work, a friend let you down, you’re late to fetch the kids from school and then you get stuck in traffic. Regardless of what your daily life looks like, we often have so much going on in our minds that we rarely every just switch off. So these thoughts accumulate, they go around and around and we go to bed tired, we wake up tired, and so the busy mind starts again.

And then we look at our environment, we are surrounded by energy, and because we are energetic beings it is so easy for us to ‘pick-up’ the yucky, energetic gunk around us. A conversation with a friend who is going through a hard time, it leaves her feeling lighter and consoled but leaves you feeling drained. This is because you have taken on that energetic gunk that she offloaded. It can be even simpler than that, you may be in a meeting room or lecture hall full of people, those people all have their own energetic gunk going on, and you may pick up on some of it (energetically speaking). We pick and drop off energy all day, every day, regardless of where we are and who we’re with.

Think of this energetic gunk as cobwebs, the longer we leave them there, the more dust and bugs they begin to collect ~ our body is the same, this energetic gunk starts collecting, restricting the natural flow of energy, and we can start to feel pretty damn awful!

When I made the decision to follow my dreams and pursue a career in holistic healing, I made a promise to myself to spend a little time each day alone, just me time. Not so easy. I really didn’t find it very easy setting time aside, to be honest, it felt more like a chore than anything else. But I pushed on, and the more I did it, the better I felt. It almost became a habit, and as the days went on, the more time I wanted to spend engaging in a holistic practice of some sort, whether in meditation, spending time with my crystals, doing breathing exercises, yoga, connecting with my spirit family and higher self through tarot and oracle decks, reading or simply soaking in the tub. I started seeing the value in it, and couldn’t understand why I made such a big deal out of it.

When I was getting my Reiki Masters, it was like the light bulb turned on, self-care was probably the most important aspect of any holistic healer and/ or coach. If I am all gunked-up with negative energy, and not taking the steps to ensure that I am cleaning my whole body (mental, emotional and physical), then I cannot be a clear channel through which beautiful, healing energy passes through. I wouldn’t make a very good reiki practitioner!

But this goes even further, as a holistic healer and coach, it is my goal to lift people up, to carry and guide them through their path to self-growth and healing. In order for me to be that emotional, mental and spiritual support that my clients need, I need to ensure that I am in check with myself. So, I do one thing (sometimes more) daily to ensure that I am functioning to my very best ability – mentally, physically and emotionally.

My favourite exercise is something that I have started doing at least twice a week ~ the MBS (Mind, Body, and Soul) Detox and Cleanse. It does wonders for me and gets rid of all the energetic gunk that may be mine, picked up from others, or simply absorbed for my environment. It’s like a new, clean and balanced me every week!

Regular MBS Detox and Cleanse (I like to think of as a whole detox) goes a long way to restoring our body’s natural flow of energy, resulting in us feeling more balanced, happy and energised. Those negative emotions and behaviours, like mood swings, stress, anxiety, insomnia, will start to dissipate. You will sleep better, eat better and feel 100 times better!

So what is this MBS Detox and Cleanse that I’m talking about and how do you do it?? You’ll have to come back tomorrow and read Part 2. 😉

~Love & Light~watermark 1 PNG