Trusting your Intuition

In preparing for the arrival of my little boy, I’ve been thinking about which essential oils I want to be part of our birthing experience – and for some time now I’ve been strongly drawn to 🌹Rose and 🍊Neroli. If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that I work very intuitively when it comes to essential oils, but not having worked intimately with Neroli, I began doubting the intuitive pull I was having towards it and wondering why it was wanting to work with me (and my baby) at this pinnacle point in our journey. 🤔

On Tuesday evening, my hubby came home from his supporters antenatal class and woke me up to smell an oil blend that our midwife had given him for us to use from 38 weeks through labour. He was almost excited about it, and when he told me that it was a blend of 🌹Rose and 🍊Neroli, I couldn’t believe it. 🙌 Absolute beautiful validation of what I’d been feeling these last few weeks!!

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Tools to Empower Kids

Tools to Empower Kids

What kind of tools or resources do your kids have at their disposal when they’re sad, hurt, confused, grumpy, scared, apprehensive, or not feeling well? Do they know how to use these tools?

Do you teach them how to communicate their feelings and emotions, and allow them to understand what they’re feeling or thinking? Do you offer them tools to help them when they can’t find their words?

Have you ever considered how your kids perceive emotions, physical health, mental health, mood management, boundaries, personal space, actions and consequences, or their own wellbeing – and how these influence the different areas of their life – by how you approach, and manage, these areas of your own life?

It’s easy to forget they weren’t born with all the tools and knowledge that they need to navigate their world, and themselves. This comes with growth and experience – and who better to learn from than their parents?

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Crystals to Shift your Vibration!

Hey Beauties! It’s that time of year when we start to bring out our summer clothes, clear out the clutter and get our summer glow on! ☀️☀️☀️ (at least for us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway 😜) Its also that time of year when we want to dump that heavy energy that we have been carrying around with us. It’s time to declutter our energy field and air out our Soul! ✨🙏💛

Its Operation Shift Your Vibration time!!!! 😁🙏🏻☀️✨ I’ve chatted about ‘Vibration’ in a few posts, and how it’s relevant to how you feel and your overall health and well-being, so here are some of my favourite crystals, as well as some other tips, for giving your vibration a joyful, airy and uplifting boost!

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Energy Education for Kids

Energy education for kids

Child Development does not mean developing your child into the person you think they should be, but rather helping them develop into the best person they are meant to be.

Teaching you child about health, wellbeing, their spiritual anatomy and energy, their emotions, mental health, and how to maintain balance from a young age will equip them with the necessary life skills and tools that they will use throughout their life.

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Your journey to Self-Healing

Elevate your Life Course - self-healing courseWhy learn about self-healing and holistic (and natural/chemical free) methods of health and wellness?
Or how to use energy healing tools to benefit your, and your family’s, health and wellbeing? 💁🏻‍♀️ I’ll tell you why, Beauty! 🦋

Life is stressful.
For us.
For our partners.
For our kids – no matter how big or small they are.

Our daily lives require a LOT from us – whether we’re being a mom, a sister, a daughter and caretaker, a business woman, helping others, or simply being a friend.
Even our kids have to navigate the pressures of school, friendships, growing up, and figuring out who they are!
And then we can throw in all of the social, environmental, and technological noise – are we ever really quiet?
Do we ever really stop?
When we do, it’s usually because we’re unwell or burnt out, right?
Have you ever felt down or apathetic for no reason?
Felt unmotivated and uninspired?
I used to. ALL the time!

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Finding your Voice

It may be Mercury Retrograde (thank goodness that’s almost over 😅), but this last week I’ve spoken to so many people who are in a situations that require thoughtful, honest and delicate communication… And that isn’t always easy. 🔭🙊 Even my sweet girl has been dealt a few tricky situations where she’s had to learn to find the power in her voice and communicate her true feelings!

When communication concerns like this arise, instead of fixating on them and becoming more stressed by the situation, you can curate a more positive approach to how you handle yourself in those situations – and empower our actions! 💪👑After all, communication is one of the most important aspects of any healthy relationship!! Amiright?

This wellness kit right here, one of my favourites, is a fantastic combo assisting your Throat Chakra to open up so that you can find your voice and speak from an authentic and thoughtful space, promoting positive and healthy communication between yourself and others!

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Essential Oils to calm the nerves

Essential Oils to calm the nerves.

Today I could not have been more grateful for my essential oils!! I had to get my bloods done for my antenatal screen. Not a big deal right? WRONG! When it comes to needles I am a complete and utter woes (that’s South African for sissy)!! If there is one thing in this world that I typically avoid at all costs, it’s having needles stuck into my body! 💉 This is where I am so grateful that I have these beautiful tools – read essential oils – to calm my nerves and help me overcome my fears!!

I’ve been putting off doing it for three weeks, but I am seeing the midwife on Monday so it had to be done 🙈💉😰
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It’s never too late to make the changes you…

“I am so lucky that our paths crossed when it did, because you have helped me in so many ways. The Elevate your Life course has been such an eye opening experience. I’ve learnt a lot from the questions that I had to ask myself. And even though sometimes I felt fear of the answers to those questions I pushed through and felt so much stronger at the end. I go back to my notes every so often and it reminds me of where I want to go and who I am and who I want to become! I will be forever grateful for this course!”

When I started learning about the simple ways that I could regain my calm, create a healthy, happy environment for myself and my family, as well as learn how to use simple and practical tools and methods to restore balance and wellbeing for all of us, I felt EMPOWERED AF!!💪🙌

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Making Forgiveness Easy-er

Forgiveness is a tough subject. It’s not easy and it can be hard to ‘forgive and forget’ in order to move on. Sometimes we don’t want to forgive someone for hurting us, or even someone we love, because we feel that then the person has been ‘let off the hook’.

But what I’ve learnt about forgiveness is that it’s not about the other person, AT ALL. Forgiveness is about YOU.

It’s about letting go of that hurt and anger (& even resentment) that sits in our hearts and brings us down. Forgiveness is about breaking the tie that the other person holds over you; their energy, the energy of the situation, the emotions that you feel toward them. Forgiveness is about releasing YOUrself.

Forgiveness can be practiced for small things like silly arguments with your partner, a friend letting you down, and even you practicing forgiveness toward yourself. Forgiveness is also a huge part of the healing process when it comes to bigger issues… and I promise you this – it is truly empowering.

Crystals and Oils for Forgiveness

Today I wanted to share my favourites tools to help the process when working through forgiveness.

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Can you decide to become the best version of…

Hey, Gorgeous Soul!

If I asked you to imagine the best version of yourself;

the version that was free from:
– pain
– anxiety
– stress
– apathy
– dissatisfaction
– hurt
– grief
– insecurity
– jealousy
– longing

the version of yourself that no longer felt:
– uninspired
– unsatisfied
– unfulfilled
– unloved

the version of yourself that YOU were proud of!

Are you able to imagine yourself in this way?

How do you look?

What would you say to yourself?

What are you wearing?

How would you feel?

What job would you have?

Where in the world would you be?

What have you achieved?

What are your dreams?

Have your dreams come into reality?

When you think of this person, how does it make you feel?

Does it feel like a far off-dream? Impossible to achieve?

It doesn’t have to be this way. It sure as heck doesn’t NEED to feel this way!

You CAN have this life!

It isn’t beyond your reach.

It isn’t designed for someone else.

It’s yours!

All you have to do is TAKE THE FIRST STEP. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look here…