Base Chakra Meditation and Affirmation

Base Chakra Meditation and AffirmationHello Beautiful Souls! We are at the end of our Base Chakra journey, and now that you have the basic knowledge and tools to heal, balance and energize your Base Chakra here is a simple meditation and affirmation that will have you feeling more grounded and safe in your world… ❤️
You can use your beautiful Base Chakra crystals and essential oils to assist this meditation! ✨

Find a comfortable space to sit or lay quietly and close your eyes.
🔅Focus your attention on your breath, and take four deep breaths in, opening and extending your chest and exhale with a long ‘aaaah’ sigh.
🔅Find your attention on you Base Chakra, notice it’s colour. How does it look today? Is it a bright, vibrant red or a darker, maroon? How does it feel today? Do you feel grounded and safe or are you feeling unstable and having difficulty focusing on things?
🔅Whatever you notice, don’t judge yourself in this moment, only observe.
🔅Now imagine your Base Chakra begin to start spinning in a clockwise direction, imagine the lotus petals of this Chakra open up and a bright red light filling your Base Chakra as it continues to spin, faster and faster clearing our all the negative energy blocking it and replacing it with only brilliant, healing energy.
🔅Repeat the following (either in your mind our out loud) “I and grounded. I am safe. I am secure”.
🔅Stay in this space for as long as you feel the need, trust your intuition here. You will know when your Chakra has had its fill.
🔅Once you feel that your Chakra has had its fill, notice your Chakra begin to slow down as the red light begins to pull away, and the lotus petals close up and over your Chakra.
🔅Bring your attention back to your breath, your body and your environment, and when you are ready you can open your eyes.
🔅Chanting “LAM” (Luuuhhmmmmm) during the above meditation is an alternative to the affirmation, or you can include it after your affirmations.

Let me know how you feel after doing it, I’d love to hear from you! ❤️ Next, we move into your creative centre, our Sacral Chakra! 🙌
~ Love & Light, Kerry. Xx
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Base Chakra Crystals for Chakra Wellness

Crystals for the Root Chakra

Hello Honeys!! Now that you’ve learned a little more than the basics about your Base Chakra, here are some gorgeous Crystal babies that you can use to bring more balance, energy, and support to this centre.

Base Chakra crystals are usually dark in colour and support Grounding, Protection, Contrast, Releasing and Mood Management;
🎈Hematite 🎈Obsidian
🎈Red Jasper 🎈Red Tiger’s Eye
🎈Apache Tears 🎈Smokey Quartz
🎈Dalmatian Stone🎈Mookaite
🎈Black Tourmaline

🙌😍These are just some of the crystals that I like to work with when working with my Base Chakra.. but there are many more that I haven’t even mentioned. Always work with what resonates with you, Lovely!
💛 What are your favourite Base Chakra crystals to work with?
~ Namaste, Kerry. Xx
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A healing toolkit for your base chakra

base chakra toolkitHello Lovelies!!
Here’s a powerful toolkit to bring balance and healing to your Base (Root) Chakra.

Red Jasper and Frankincense make a beautiful, grounding combo that you can use when working on the areas of your life that are associated with this centre (see prior posts in feed 👇) and to bring healing and balance to these areas! 🙏🌿❤️ Red Jasper, also known as a supreme healer, absorbs all that icky stress and negative energy,

Red Jasper, also known as a supreme healer, absorbs all that icky stress and negative energy, bringing balance to our bodies, mind, and emotions. ✨You now know the basics about the Base Chakra, and are equipped with simple self-healing exercises and Holistic tools to bring healing and balance into your Base Chakra! 🙌😘

If you are interested in learning more about your Chakras, Crystal Healing or how to become a holistic health practitioner, get in touch with me, Lovely! 💛
~ Love & Light, Kerry. Xxx
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Healing Crystals as amplifiers for Reiki

crystals as amplifiers for reikiHey Guys! Did you know that using healing crystals during reiki sessions are a gentle and natural way to boost the flow of energy?

💫 I love using crystals and gems with Reiki to amplify the gentle flow of natural energy through the body! Not only does placing a Crystal or gem over a specific part of a

Not only does placing a Crystal or gem over a specific part of a client’s body aid the healing, energizing and release of negative energy, but holding a clear Quartz point (single or double terminated) in your giving hand acts as an amplifier and transmuter of the beautiful healing energy transfer between you and your client.

✨I am absolutely passionate about and hold a deep respect for the beautiful and non-invasive healing that Reiki offers, for myself, my family and my clients. If you’re interested In learning this ancient and sacred healing practice, I’m opening my Usui Reiki 1,2 & Advanced certification course for online (and offline) enrollments this month, January 2017!!

DM me if you’re interested or get in click here for more details. 🙏🏼💕
~Kerry. Xx
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Natural Mood-Booster for Happy Parents and Kids

mood-booster-wherehumrestsHey Moms and Dads! ☀️ Here’s a sun-shiney toolkit that you can use when you (and the kiddies) are feeling a little low and need a little mood-booster, pick me up!!

🍋Cheer uplifting citrus blend manages bad moods by giving us a boost of happiness and positivity, making us feel more optimistic and cheerful!!

🍊Motivate’s encouraging blend balances feeling of doubt, judgement (towards ourselves and others), and leaving us feeling confident, courageous, and motivated to take on the world with a happy, inspired outlook! ☀️

🌹Rose Quartz is a wonderful Crystal for self-love, reminding us to be gentle with ourselves and to remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can, not forgetting to take time for ourself to replenish, take stock and reenergize!

This toolkit is great for relieving stress after a long day and boosting energy levels in those times we fall into a bit of a slump (it happens, we’re all human!) and is GREAT for pregnancy!!

It’s great too for kiddies when needing a little encouragement in the mornings or after school, and when diffused in the house on weekends creates a happy, cheerful environment! I only recommend oils are used aromatically, for advice on how to use oils please contact me. Shop these oils here. ✨
~ Kerry. Xx
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Elevate your Life Empowerment Course

elevate-your-life-workshop-wherehumrestsHey Guys! I’ve just finished listing the lessons for my Elevation course up on my site, check them out below!!

If you’re keen to learn simple self-healing methods (for you and your family), how to clear the energy in your home, how to meditate, what it means to set intentions and manifest your desires, what healing crystals are and how essential oils can be used to balance your moods, reduce stress and emotional discomfort – then this is the course for you!

3 weeks, 3 modules and a ton of value!! Check out the full curriculum here.
Book before November 24th and receive **25% off** the course price!!  Learn how to create more JOY, more ZEST, more ABUNDANCE, more LOVE, and more WHOLENESS in your life!
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Green Moss Agate for Moms-to-be and Children

greenmossagate-wherehumrestsHello Lovelies! I want to talk about one of my favourite crystals – Green Moss Agate! It’s like a little garden in my pocket! 🌿

Believed to be a stone of new beginnings helping to release you from deep-seated fears and blockages that might be holding you back, Moss Agate is a beautiful Crystal to work with that increases hope and optimism, improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

As a birthing crystal, Moss Agate assists the birthing process lessening pain and ensuring a calm and easy birth.

Because of its earthy properties, moss agate is a wonderful grounding Crystal for children, nurturing their heart chakra and easing fear and anxiety.

This gentle, earth energy brings comfort and nurturing to those who work with it.
~ Love & Light, Kerry. x

**Tip for Colds and Flu: Green Moss Agate Gem water not only aids in the prevention of the sniffles, but also alleviates the yucky symptoms of colds and flu! ☀️🌿

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Elevate your Life

Hello Lovelies!!! elevate-your-lifeI’m SUPER EXCITED to announce that I am taking enrollments for my “Elevate your Life” personal empowerment course!

Not only is this a self-healing, self-empowerment, and personal development course, but it’ll equip you with the skills you needed to set powering intentions and manifest the life you deserve!!
This course is for anyone who is new to holistic self-healing, curious about what it means to live a holistic lifestyle, ready to make the leap to finding more balance and self-empowerment! It’s pretty much for anyone who knows they deserve MORE! More JOY, more ZEST, more ABUNDANCE, more LOVE, more WHOLENESS!!

This 3-week course is only ZAR3000 ($250/€220) and is jam packed FULL of value!! Click here to sign up  👆sign-ups BEFORE Thanksgiving (Nov 24th) will receive 20% DISCOUNT on their enrollment fee!! 🙌 Get a friend to sign up with you, and you’ll receive an additional 5% discount!!

Course Curriculum:
* Self-healing methods & Exercises
* Chakras, Crystal healing & Essential Oils
* Meditation, Mindfulness & Sacred Spaces
* Affirmations & Changing thought patterns
* Powerful intention setting
* The three steps to Manifesting and the Law of Attraction
* Crystals and Crystal Grids for manifesting

Are you READY to embrace your beautiful, authentic self, Lovely??
The next group dates for the course are 3-17 December 2016! Course is also available via distance learning.
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Emotional Support for Pre-Teens


Hello Lovelies!!

Pre-Teen, pre-puberty can be a challenging time for our little ladies! Moms, I’m sure you can remember experiencing a range of emotions and physical changes in those years leading up to puberty?
My girl is in that space now where she is feeling a bunch of different things, and not entirely sure why she’s feeling them – from irritable and grumpy to highly sensitive and tearful!

We put together a little emotional support pouch for her to keep with her and assist with the changes that she’s going through. ✨She helped me choose what went into the pouch… it’s incredible how intuitive our kids are!

Here’s what went in:
~ Smokey Quartz (protection and negative energy transmutation)
~ Red Jasper (grounding)
~ Unakite (emotional and yin/yang energy balance)
~ Ruby in Zoisite. Aka Anyolite (mood management)
~ Pink Banded Agate (femininity, self-love)
~ Rose Quartz (enhances female energies and calming)
~ Strawberry Quartz (balances psyche, emotions and subtle energy bodies, assists understanding of self)
~ Moonstone (balances inner self, confidence, feminine energy and emotions, releases energy blocks)
~ Amethyst (calms oversensitivity, tension and emotional energy, enhances the aura and self-esteem).

Patchouli and Bergamot essential oils have also become part of her bath and bed time routine. She’ll sit quietly before bath time with her Smokey Quartz and Patchouli oils (for about 2 mins) when she is feeling a little frazzled, and take four deep breaths inhaling the scent of her Bergamot oil before bed. Patchouli is a fab grounding essential oil which is lighter than Frankincense or White Fir, Bergamot is a wonderfully calming oil that has similar calming and stress-relieving effects as Lavender. Both oils have much milder scents making them more nose friendly for our little light workers! 🌿💜

For more info on holistic parenting methods and mood management tool kits, check out previous blog posts, or feel free to drop me a mail.
~ Namaste, Kerry. Xx
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Gem Water – H2O infused with the energies of…

gem-water-wherehumrestsHello Lovelies!!

I’ve had a few requests to do a post on gem water – what it is, and how to make it. Gemstone, or “Gem” water, in my opinion, is another holistic tool (toolkit) that we can use to maintain our overall physical, emotional, mental and energetic health! I drink litres of gem water every day, I LOVE IT!!

Gem water is something that has been rising in popularity over the last few years, there are even companies that now sell gorgeous bottles, vials, and droppers, you can visit the site here.

Personally, I’m more of a DIY girl and prefer to make my own gem water with my crystals that I have at home, this also allows me to create a new combination every day / week depending on what my needs are.

So what exactly is Gem Water?
Simply put, it is water that has been infused with the energies of particular gemstones / healing crystals. By placing crystals in drinking water the crystal energy is able to restructure the water, charging it with negative ions (we already know that negative ions are good for us!!). The water is also charged with the vibration and energetic properties of the crystals. By drinking this water, we are allowing these energies to work on a cellular level within our physical bodies. It’s a really great way of incorporating crystal energy into your life, and can be taken anywhere you can take a bottle of water! 🙂

How to make Gem Water.
It’s pretty easy actually! Here’s what you’ll need and what to do:

~ Get a clean glass, glass jar or glass jug/pitcher/bottle (depending on how much you want to make). Personally, I love using glass milk bottles with stainless steel lids. I only recommend using glass vessels to make your gem water in, you only want to work with natural materials whenever possible.
~Choose the purpose of your gem water – energy booster, immune booster, stress reliever, emotional healing or simply chakra balancing.
~ Select your stones – If you don’t have a purpose for your gem water in mind, you can always select your stones intuitively. I recommend tumbled stones and no more than 3 stones to your water. I like to add an additional clear quartz tumble to amplify the energies.
~ Depending on the stones that you have chosen, you will need to determine if you are going to infuse the water internally (from inside the glass) or externally (from outside the glass). **Some properties of gemstones can make them toxic to humans (when consumed) and others break down when left in water so, if you are a newbie, always do your research before adding gemstones to your water! Don’t let this put you off, with time and practice you will know exactly which crystals babies you can and can’t put into your water. Here are two different sources that you can use to check if your stones are A-Ok! Healing Crystals & Hibiscus Moon.
~ Once you have determined what stones you have, you can use either of the below methods. If you are still not sure or feeling comfortable with putting your stones in water, you are can use the external method.

Internal Method (inside the glass).
~Cleanse your stones before placing them in the bottom of your vessel.
**To cleanse my crystals, I will hold them under cool, running water for about 30 seconds (per stone) with the intention that they are being cleaned physically and energetically, and being reset back to their natural state. I then ask that the stone will only be used for the greater good of those who come in contact with it.
~ Gently place your stones in the bottom of your glass, jar or jug. If you are using a larger jug or bottle with a smaller neck (can’t place your hand inside), I would recommend filling the bottle first then gently sliding the stones in. Do not drop your stones in as they may chip or break.
~ Fill your vessel with fresh, purified or spring water.
~ Place your vessel on a window sill or outside where there is sunlight and leave it to charge in the sun for 7 minutes. This is the time that was recommended to me by my mentor, I do, however, leave it a few minutes extra when using larger bottles.
~ Drink and enjoy! 🙂

External Method (outside the glass).
Just because the physical properties of your crystals may be toxic or they just don’t like water, doesn’t mean you can’t use their energy to make gem water!! This is the method you will use if  you are working with toxic stones.
~ Fill your desired vessel with fresh, purified or spring water.
~ Place your vessel in sunlight and simply place your gemstones around the outside of your vessel. The water inside your vessel will be charged with crystal energy and safe to drink. Follow charging time as above.

I often use a mix of stones that are both water friendly and water un-friendly, for example, I will often put a black tourmaline or black kyanite on the lid of my bottle when it’s charging. With time, you will know your crystal babies like the back of your hand, and before you know it you’ll be adding gem water to smoothies, teas or soups – I even give Green Moss Agate and Rose Quartz gem water to my house plants!

For some ‘recipe’ inspiration, visit my Instagram feed, or try out this Creative Boost gem water! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or get in touch with me via email.
Have fun!
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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