Crystals in your Home and Environment

Crystals in your home and environment – A common question that I am asked is how to use crystals in one’s home – or where in one’s home to place them. Now, there is no right or wrong when it comes to where you place crystals in your home, but it can get a little confusing as there are so many differing opinions out there. I don’t follow any rules when it comes to crystals in my home (except when it comes to the crystals used in a child’s bedroom – which I will go over below), and generally encourage allowing your intuition to guide you, but here are some suggestions, guidelines, and a few specific ways of using crystals in your environment to enhance different energies.

Crystals work whenever you’re around them, and you don’t need to do anything special to benefit from the energy that crystals contribute to your home, and the atmosphere of your home! Not only do crystals benefit you and your family, their presence in your environment has positive effects on your plants and pets too!

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Distant Healing with Reiki and Crystals

Reiki and Crystals: Crystals are a wonderful tool to use during Reiki sessions to both assist with the healing and amplify the energies being delivered to the person receiving the healing sessions. In addition to adding the crystals’ high-vibe energies to the session, crystals can also be used like a surrogate for distant healing sessions and programmed to assist you with this type of Reiki healing too.

This method of Reiki distant healing is particularly useful for children and animals (who struggle to sit still 😉 ). By infusing a crystal, like you would with the surrogate method, and placing it near the child or pet will allow healing to take place.

While traditional Reiki doesn’t involve the teaching or use of crystals, over the years many practitioners have discovered that crystals work beautifully with Reiki, and as a result has become a common subject taught by Reiki teachers.  Read more “Distant Healing with Reiki and Crystals”

Tools to Empower Kids

Tools to Empower Kids

What kind of tools or resources do your kids have at their disposal when they’re sad, hurt, confused, grumpy, scared, apprehensive, or not feeling well? Do they know how to use these tools?

Do you teach them how to communicate their feelings and emotions, and allow them to understand what they’re feeling or thinking? Do you offer them tools to help them when they can’t find their words?

Have you ever considered how your kids perceive emotions, physical health, mental health, mood management, boundaries, personal space, actions and consequences, or their own wellbeing – and how these influence the different areas of their life – by how you approach, and manage, these areas of your own life?

It’s easy to forget they weren’t born with all the tools and knowledge that they need to navigate their world, and themselves. This comes with growth and experience – and who better to learn from than their parents?

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Energy Education for Kids

Energy education for kids

Child Development does not mean developing your child into the person you think they should be, but rather helping them develop into the best person they are meant to be.

Teaching you child about health, wellbeing, their spiritual anatomy and energy, their emotions, mental health, and how to maintain balance from a young age will equip them with the necessary life skills and tools that they will use throughout their life.

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Happy, healthy legs!

I’ve been lucky this pregnancy that I haven’t had any swelling or water retention in my legs, in fact, I’ve had pretty happy, healthy legs!

The last time I walked on the beach pregnant, my ankles swelled up like balloons  – glad that didn’t happen this past weekend. But after hours on the road and a busy weekend, my legs were feeling tired and heavy by Monday.

Do you ever have this? Here’s what I do when this happens.

Your journey to Self-Healing

Elevate your Life Course - self-healing courseWhy learn about self-healing and holistic (and natural/chemical free) methods of health and wellness?
Or how to use energy healing tools to benefit your, and your family’s, health and wellbeing? 💁🏻‍♀️ I’ll tell you why, Beauty! 🦋

Life is stressful.
For us.
For our partners.
For our kids – no matter how big or small they are.

Our daily lives require a LOT from us – whether we’re being a mom, a sister, a daughter and caretaker, a business woman, helping others, or simply being a friend.
Even our kids have to navigate the pressures of school, friendships, growing up, and figuring out who they are!
And then we can throw in all of the social, environmental, and technological noise – are we ever really quiet?
Do we ever really stop?
When we do, it’s usually because we’re unwell or burnt out, right?
Have you ever felt down or apathetic for no reason?
Felt unmotivated and uninspired?
I used to. ALL the time!

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Finding your Voice

It may be Mercury Retrograde (thank goodness that’s almost over 😅), but this last week I’ve spoken to so many people who are in a situations that require thoughtful, honest and delicate communication… And that isn’t always easy. 🔭🙊 Even my sweet girl has been dealt a few tricky situations where she’s had to learn to find the power in her voice and communicate her true feelings!

When communication concerns like this arise, instead of fixating on them and becoming more stressed by the situation, you can curate a more positive approach to how you handle yourself in those situations – and empower our actions! 💪👑After all, communication is one of the most important aspects of any healthy relationship!! Amiright?

This wellness kit right here, one of my favourites, is a fantastic combo assisting your Throat Chakra to open up so that you can find your voice and speak from an authentic and thoughtful space, promoting positive and healthy communication between yourself and others!

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Energetic Protection; Crystals to protect your, and your baby’s,…

Here’s another bump post for all the preggy mama’s! Last time I posted about the crystals I use during my self-Reiki sessions, I had a ton of messages asking which crystals can be used during pregnancy – and there are a ton! All used for different purposes. But today I want to share some recommendations that will offer energetic protection.

Below are a few of my favorite crystals to use (wear) when I’m out and about that;
– protect my energy from external influences
– keep my Bebe safe from external influences
– keep my Bebe safe from taking on any negative Emotions or energies that I may experience during the day
– and protect us both from environmental energetic pollution.

It’s no secret that we are continually picking up and dumping energy throughout the day, and the pure, life growing comfortably inside your womb can be a magnet for all kinds of energy, including your own.

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Crystals for Pregnancy and New Mamas

There are sooooo many beautiful people I know who are pregnant or at home with new little bundles right now, and how appropriate it being Spring🐥 (somewhere in the world)! Since pregnancy is in full bloom, I thought that I would share a few crystal healing tricks to help some of the common ‘preggy problems; worry and anxiety, morning sickness, water retention, leg and back pain, you name it! 👶🏼👣

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some tips and tricks, so keep your pretty eyes on the lookout… 👀

pregnancy crystalsToday I want to share a crystal that helped me tremendously during my pregnancy ROSE QUARTZ, the big momma in the centre of the image above

💟👆Known as the ‘love stone’, Rose quartz has a gentle, feminine energy that helps us dissolve emotional stresses to become more gentle, forgiving, compassionate, kind and tolerant.

Rose Quartz used during pregnancy promotes healthy hormone production, promoting self love during a time when many of us can feel insecure, overwhelmed, and sometimes worried. Oozing with gorgeous feminine, maternal energy, it’s a real feel good stone for expecting and postpartum momma’s.

💗Wearing Rose Quartz during, and after, pregnancy allows the soothing and calming energy to consume you, helping you to care for yourself during this time (which is SO important).

💗Placing (raw or tumbled) rose quartz on your pregnant belly helps build a strong bond between you and your baby, and strengthen the connection with your unborn child.


💗Placing rose quartz around bath tub, lighting a few candles and diffusing Lavender eo, will create a soothing sanctuary for tired, preggy minds, bodies, and souls, that will leave you feeling calm and beautiful.

💗Placing a rose quartz lamp in baby’s room will create a soothing, loving environment where both you and baby will feel calm, loved and safe!

🌸 If you have a beautiful preggy friend send this to them and make their day! This may be exactly what they need! Wishing all momma’s a beautiful pregnancy, and special bonding time after baby is born.

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Love & Light, Kerry 💕

Can you decide to become the best version of…

Hey, Gorgeous Soul!

If I asked you to imagine the best version of yourself;

the version that was free from:
– pain
– anxiety
– stress
– apathy
– dissatisfaction
– hurt
– grief
– insecurity
– jealousy
– longing

the version of yourself that no longer felt:
– uninspired
– unsatisfied
– unfulfilled
– unloved

the version of yourself that YOU were proud of!

Are you able to imagine yourself in this way?

How do you look?

What would you say to yourself?

What are you wearing?

How would you feel?

What job would you have?

Where in the world would you be?

What have you achieved?

What are your dreams?

Have your dreams come into reality?

When you think of this person, how does it make you feel?

Does it feel like a far off-dream? Impossible to achieve?

It doesn’t have to be this way. It sure as heck doesn’t NEED to feel this way!

You CAN have this life!

It isn’t beyond your reach.

It isn’t designed for someone else.

It’s yours!

All you have to do is TAKE THE FIRST STEP. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look here…