Crystals to Shift your Vibration!

Hey Beauties! It’s that time of year when we start to bring out our summer clothes, clear out the clutter and get our summer glow on! ☀️☀️☀️ (at least for us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway 😜) Its also that time of year when we want to dump that heavy energy that we have been carrying around with us. It’s time to declutter our energy field and air out our Soul! ✨🙏💛

Its Operation Shift Your Vibration time!!!! 😁🙏🏻☀️✨ I’ve chatted about ‘Vibration’ in a few posts, and how it’s relevant to how you feel and your overall health and well-being, so here are some of my favourite crystals, as well as some other tips, for giving your vibration a joyful, airy and uplifting boost!

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Energy Education for Kids

Energy education for kids

Child Development does not mean developing your child into the person you think they should be, but rather helping them develop into the best person they are meant to be.

Teaching you child about health, wellbeing, their spiritual anatomy and energy, their emotions, mental health, and how to maintain balance from a young age will equip them with the necessary life skills and tools that they will use throughout their life.

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Finding your Voice

It may be Mercury Retrograde (thank goodness that’s almost over 😅), but this last week I’ve spoken to so many people who are in a situations that require thoughtful, honest and delicate communication… And that isn’t always easy. 🔭🙊 Even my sweet girl has been dealt a few tricky situations where she’s had to learn to find the power in her voice and communicate her true feelings!

When communication concerns like this arise, instead of fixating on them and becoming more stressed by the situation, you can curate a more positive approach to how you handle yourself in those situations – and empower our actions! 💪👑After all, communication is one of the most important aspects of any healthy relationship!! Amiright?

This wellness kit right here, one of my favourites, is a fantastic combo assisting your Throat Chakra to open up so that you can find your voice and speak from an authentic and thoughtful space, promoting positive and healthy communication between yourself and others!

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Energetic Protection; Crystals to protect your, and your baby’s,…

Here’s another bump post for all the preggy mama’s! Last time I posted about the crystals I use during my self-Reiki sessions, I had a ton of messages asking which crystals can be used during pregnancy – and there are a ton! All used for different purposes. But today I want to share some recommendations that will offer energetic protection.

Below are a few of my favorite crystals to use (wear) when I’m out and about that;
– protect my energy from external influences
– keep my Bebe safe from external influences
– keep my Bebe safe from taking on any negative Emotions or energies that I may experience during the day
– and protect us both from environmental energetic pollution.

It’s no secret that we are continually picking up and dumping energy throughout the day, and the pure, life growing comfortably inside your womb can be a magnet for all kinds of energy, including your own.

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It’s never too late to make the changes you…

“I am so lucky that our paths crossed when it did, because you have helped me in so many ways. The Elevate your Life course has been such an eye opening experience. I’ve learnt a lot from the questions that I had to ask myself. And even though sometimes I felt fear of the answers to those questions I pushed through and felt so much stronger at the end. I go back to my notes every so often and it reminds me of where I want to go and who I am and who I want to become! I will be forever grateful for this course!”

When I started learning about the simple ways that I could regain my calm, create a healthy, happy environment for myself and my family, as well as learn how to use simple and practical tools and methods to restore balance and wellbeing for all of us, I felt EMPOWERED AF!!💪🙌

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Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Sahasrara Chakra

Chakra Tarot Reading - Crown ChakraTarot Chakra Challenge – Final Day!! Have you enjoyed this challenge? What have you discovered about your energy centers, and the associated areas of your life? I’d love to hear from you! .

Today, you are going to be connecting with your Sahasrara, or Crown, Chakra! 👑 Your Crown Chakra, the last Chakra of your 7 main Chakras is represented by a violet or pure white light. Your Crown is located just above your head.

Often referred to as the center of Enlightenment, this Chakra represents;
🌈your connection to the Universe, Divine Love, and Divine Wisdom,
🌈your spirituality,
🌈your relationship with our higher self, God, or whatever we feel connected to spiritually,
🌈universal inspiration from outside sources,
🌈your Life/Soul Purpose,
🌈 your Alignment, consciousness and Inner Peace.

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Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Ajna Chakra

Third Eye Chakra ReadingTarot Chakra Challenge – Day 6! Only two days left!! Are you ready to explore your Ajna Chakra? ✨👁✨

Commonly known as your Third Eye or Brow Chakra, your fifth energy center is often referred to as the center of Clairvoyance, and influences;
💜your dreams (physical and spiritual),
💙your self-awareness,
💜your perceptions and beliefs,
💙your intuition,
💜your physical and psychic vision,
💙your imagination,
💜your ability to interpret and understand (people, the world, information,etc),
💙as well as your ability to recognise patterns.

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Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Vishuddha Chakra

Throat Chakra balancingTarot Chakra Challenge – Day 5 – Vishuddha, or Throat, Chakra💙🌬How are you enjoying the challenge so far?

Last week we ended off exploring the the bridge between this physical world and the spiritual world, your Heart space. Today you are going to be connecting with your fifth energetic center, your Throat Chakra.

Your Throat Chakra is located (you guessed it) in your Throat! This center represents;
🌀your communication house,
💠your ability to express ourselves,
🌀your ability to express ourselves,
💠your truths,
🌀your ability to listen and communicate effectively,
🌀gossip, conflict, and trust issues,
💠how you talk about yourself (and others), and
🌀your connection to our breath.

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Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Anahata Chakra

Tarot Chakra Challenge – Day 4!! Ready to explore your Anahata, or Heart, Chakra??💚

Yesterday, we explored our Solar Plexus, your ambitious power house.

Today we are going to be connecting with your fourth energetic center, your Heart Chakra. You Heart Chakra is located above our heart & lungs, and influences;
🍃your ability to love & be loved,
🍃to maintain a healthy balance in relationships,
🍃empathy, compassion & the ability to forgive,
🍃gratitude, and
🍃your morals & values.

The bridge between your physical and spiritual realities, your Heart space is associates with both green (physical) and pink (emotion) on the colour spectrum.


So now that you have a basic understanding of the different areas of your life that this center influences, let’s use your Tarot cards to assess and balance this center, and the associated areas of your life!

Shuffle your cards whilst reading over the prompts below. Take a deep breath and connect with your intuition/Higher Self or spiritual support system. Gently bring your awareness to your Heart, and open yourself fully to receiving Divine Love and Guidance.

Once you feel you have connected and are ready to proceed, deal a card in each position. Reveal your cards, and take a minute to note any immediate impressions that come to you. Then spend some time exploring the messages within.

Anahata Chakra Healing SpreadCard 1 – Card that describes my Heart energy
Card 2 – What am I holding on to that I need to let go of? What do I need to forgive (myself or another)? (You can make this two separate prompts or keep it as one and draw 1 or 2 Cards)
Card 3 – Something that my Heart need that I may not be aware of?
Card 4 – Best way for me to heal/balance my Heart?
Card 5 – How can I improve my self-love?

Some of my other favorite tools to use when working on this energy Center:
💚Geranium and/or Thyme Essential Oils
💗Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine Crystals
💚Affirmation: I am love. I am loved. I am accepting and forgiving.

If you’re enjoying using these Tarot spreads to understand the health of your Chakras, please share with those who you think will enjoy them too! If you’d like to learn more about Transpersonal Tarot and Oracle Card Reading, and become a certified Tarot Reader, click here.

Enjoy! Kerry. Xx

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Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Manipura Chakra

💛Tarot Chakra Challenge – Day 3!! Ready to explore your Manipura, or Solar Plexus, Chakra??

Yesterday, we explored our Sacral Chakra, our creative and pleasure house. Today we are going to be connecting with our third energetic center, our Solar Plexus.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above your naval, and represents;
✨your personal power house,
✨your self-confidence,
✨your self-esteem and will power,
✨your motivation and ambition,
✨your beliefs and value systems,
✨your ability to respect FREE WILL,
✨personal boundaries (yours and the boundaries of others),
✨your motivation,
✨your career,
✨your ability to manifest abundance,
✨and your independence.

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