CannaBlu™️ Medicine Assisted Trauma Recovery

Individual, Couple + Group Facilitated Medicine Processes

My signature medicine blend of cannabis and blue lotus, CannaBlu™️, together with IxCacao and facilitation, offer you the opportunity to gently navigate the architecture of your very design, let go of old trauma, strip away false identities and illusions that have been created over time, and completely reprogram the functions that keep you locked in survival mode.

The Lotus + The Bud

Blue Lotus symbolises the spiritual journey of life. From its roots in mud and its stalk in muddy water to the opening of the fully formed and exquisite blossom, floating serene on the surface of water in the radiant light of the sun. In this manner the lotus represents the journey from ignorance and disharmony to enlightened balance.

Cannabis offers us a great magnification of energy sensations, subtle forces, spaciousness, a sense of drifting in a cosmic ocean. When cannabis is intentionally and gratefully employed and blended with strong, attentive practice, this can accelerate awareness and healing. As a great amplifier cannabis increases energy sensitivity and our experience of the currents that run through us.

This blend, when invited to guide together within the medicine space;

| Blue Lotus evokes and awakens our sacred essence of creation, of all life and sensuality. The emotional body and creative essence is called forth.

| Cannabis possesses a gigantic spirit of its own and holds the capacity to influence almost every system of the body, safely opening us up to navigate the depths of our core wounds and programmed systems. The rational mind and physiological body are held and supported.

| Mama IxCacao reminds us of the compassionate and unconditional nature of the heart, cocooning us in her warmth and safety. The heart is expanded.

Combined, these three gentle, yet deeply profound medicines come together to create a safe, expansive and grounded container for deep and transformative healing to take place on all levels of the human function – body, mind, heart, emotions and spirit – completely eradicating the bonds of trauma, reconditioning the physical body and accommodating active integration.

CannaBlu™️ is a smoke blend that is combined in a specific ratio (of cannabis to blue lotus) to offer each passenger:
a fully embodied experience
– a balanced journey where one is safely able to access and navigate their journey state, while being able to process, both emotionally and cognitively, their realisations, tune into the subtle undercurrents of their physiological body and facilitate their own healing.

“Through my working with these sacred teachers and facilitating others within their container, it is my experience that you do not need to throw yourself into an intensive medicine experience in order to achieve the healing that you seek. Very often, the nervous system is not geared to withstand the work of harsher medicines. CannaBlu offers a gentle, but deeply healing, experience.”

What happens inside a CannaBlu Journey?

A journey is not a one-time process (which is common practice in plant medicine work), but rather a plant medicine assisted healing journey where we work intimately together for 3 – 6 month periods.

Stage 1: Decoding the Emotions – core wound(s) excavation

-Emotional processing of projections
-Construction of the trauma landscape
-Detangling stories, patterns and experiences
-Trauma release
-Deconstructing trauma identities

Stage 2: Decoding the Body – core wound memory

Intuitive Chirotherapy:
-De-crystallise the myofascial network
-Unlock the muscles
-Decompress the skeleton
-Restore blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the body’s essential systems (improve health and immune system)
-Completely eliminate inflammation, disease and toxins from the body
-Detox and drain excess fluid (lose excess weight)
-Reset and neutralise the nervous system

Stage 3: Decoding the Mind – core wound echos

LEF Craniosacral Therapy:

-Eliminate core wound programming
-De-active outdated neural pathways
-Restore neuroception
-Create new pathways aligned with new programming

Stage 4: Returning to the Self – Upgrading the Energy Body

Body Templating:

-Combust the imprints of core wounds
-Restore the flow of chi through the meridian channels
-Flush, align energy centres
– Heal and balance masculine/ feminine aspects
-Upgrade LEF – alter whole body resonance (higher self is no longer a concept separate from the person)

Stage 5: Living as the Self

Integration practices:

-Reinforcing new neural pathways
-Reconditioning of the body
-New scripts
-Fine tuning “the details”
-Living from truth and authenticity
-Euphoric Evolution – Connection, Clarity and Completeness

If you feel called to step into a medicine container with me, please reach out via email: or whatsapp +27 64 822 5123

The medicine is gentle and profound. Our work is not limited to in-person meetings and is available across the oceans.