ō What a beautiful Morning,

ō what a beautiful day! ⁣🌞🌿⁣dōTERRA is officially OPEN FOR business my SOUTH AFRICAN friends!!

dōTERRA have gone to great lengths to bring the world natural and safe solutions as part of an an integrative health & wellness lifestyle, making them the world leader in the Global Aromatherapy & Essential Oils market.

dōTERRA means “Gifts of the Earth” & I couldn’t be more excited that all of you are finally able to experience these gifts for yourself!⁣Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my family, friends & fellow South Africans finally have instant access to the purest, highest quality essential oils, health products, and beauty and lifestyle products that will support every area of your and your families health & wellbeing, not to mention all the support and oily education that comes along with them, so that you can start making informed and empowered decisions!!

So, let’s get you set up so you can start implementing changes TODAY!! Not sure where to start? DM me, email me at or WhatsApp me on +2772 761 2830.

Ready to get your hands on that kit you’ve been eyeing out?? Follow the link below to place your order. 💚🌿🌻🤩

How to get signed up

  1. Follow the link above to my dōTERRA site
  2. Click on ‘Join & Save’ from the Menu bar
  3. Select Language and Country from dropdown menus
  4. Select Enrollment Option – Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate
  5. Fill out personal details, place your order & you’re set!

Extra Goodies from me when you join the Natural Healers Society

*on purchase of an enrollment kit or order of 125PV or more


Cleanse + Protect Aura Spray

School of Energy - Aura Spray

Did you know what there are S E V E N layers of your Aura?

That’s right, 7.

Did you also know that, much like your mood and emotions, the colour of your Aura is constantly changing? 🌈

Your Aura, the outermost layer of your spiritual, or energetic, anatomy acts like a beautiful protective shield to our bodies.

That feeling you get when it feels like someone has encroached in your personal space? Well they have – they have literally stepped into your Auric Field.

Our Aura is the first of our energetic body, long before our Chakras, to pick up energy from around us, from other people and from our experiences. It also carries the energy of our past traumas and negative experiences, our current emotions and upsets and the energy of our physical ailments.

This is why it’s so important to make sure you are cleansing and protecting your Aura, and giving it the same love and care that you would any other area of your life, and body.

My Favourite way of doing this is making a simple, high vibration cleansing and protection spray to use daily – morning and night.

High Vibration Aura Cleanse + Protect Spray

What you’ll need:

  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • 150ml Sacred Water (This is distilled water that has been charged with Reiki)
  • Amethyst Crystal chips
  • Epson Salts
  • Birch Essential Oil
  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Coriander Seed Essential Oil
  • Vetiver Essential Oil

To make your Aura spray, open your glass spray bottle and add 2 Table spoons of Epson Salts, 50 drops of Birch, 10 drops of Juniper Berry, 10 drops of Geranium, 10 drops of Coriander Seed, 10 drops of Cedarwood and 10 drops of Vetiver (100 drops in total!). Give the oils and salt a little swirl to combine before adding the water.

Add your Sacred Water and give the mixture a good shake. Allow to settle before adding your crystal chips. Set to the side for a couple hours so that the ingredients have a chance to blend and settle before using.

Spritz Aura in the morning after showering and again in the evening before bed. Give a little swirl each time before use.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Aura, check out my Reiki Certification!

Happy spritzing!

Kerry. xx


Crystals in your Home and Environment

Crystals in your home and environment – A common question that I am asked is how to use crystals in one’s home – or where in one’s home to place them. Now, there is no right or wrong when it comes to where you place crystals in your home, but it can get a little confusing as there are so many differing opinions out there. I don’t follow any rules when it comes to crystals in my home (except when it comes to the crystals used in a child’s bedroom – which I will go over below), and generally encourage allowing your intuition to guide you, but here are some suggestions, guidelines, and a few specific ways of using crystals in your environment to enhance different energies.

Crystals work whenever you’re around them, and you don’t need to do anything special to benefit from the energy that crystals contribute to your home, and the atmosphere of your home! Not only do crystals benefit you and your family, their presence in your environment has positive effects on your plants and pets too!

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Distant Healing with Reiki and Crystals

Reiki and Crystals: Crystals are a wonderful tool to use during Reiki sessions to both assist with the healing and amplify the energies being delivered to the person receiving the healing sessions. In addition to adding the crystals’ high-vibe energies to the session, crystals can also be used like a surrogate for distant healing sessions and programmed to assist you with this type of Reiki healing too.

This method of Reiki distant healing is particularly useful for children and animals (who struggle to sit still 😉 ). By infusing a crystal, like you would with the surrogate method, and placing it near the child or pet will allow healing to take place.

While traditional Reiki doesn’t involve the teaching or use of crystals, over the years many practitioners have discovered that crystals work beautifully with Reiki, and as a result has become a common subject taught by Reiki teachers.  Read more “Distant Healing with Reiki and Crystals”

Essential Oils

Trusting your Intuition

In preparing for the arrival of my little boy, I’ve been thinking about which essential oils I want to be part of our birthing experience – and for some time now I’ve been strongly drawn to 🌹Rose and 🍊Neroli. If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that I work very intuitively when it comes to essential oils, but not having worked intimately with Neroli, I began doubting the intuitive pull I was having towards it and wondering why it was wanting to work with me (and my baby) at this pinnacle point in our journey. 🤔

On Tuesday evening, my hubby came home from his supporters antenatal class and woke me up to smell an oil blend that our midwife had given him for us to use from 38 weeks through labour. He was almost excited about it, and when he told me that it was a blend of 🌹Rose and 🍊Neroli, I couldn’t believe it. 🙌 Absolute beautiful validation of what I’d been feeling these last few weeks!!

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Conscious Parenting

The Happy Mother

I saw this quote earlier this morning on Facebook and it made me realize just how much my motherhood journey has pushed me to grow – but also how long it took me as a mother before I realised just how important a role my own happiness and wellbeing was to both my being a parent, as well as to the happiness and well being of my daughter. Being a happy mother over a perfect one was something that only came to me much, much later in the game…

There’s something about the way our kids know, without us having to say a word, when something’s going on with us – whether we’ve had a day from from hell, are holding back tears, or are so stretched and stressed that the smallest thing sets us off… regardless of how well we think we’re hiding it.

They don’t need our words to know. They can feel our energy.

And it influences the way they act and feel too. Don’t believe me?


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Conscious Parenting

Tools to Empower Kids

Tools to Empower Kids

What kind of tools or resources do your kids have at their disposal when they’re sad, hurt, confused, grumpy, scared, apprehensive, or not feeling well? Do they know how to use these tools?

Do you teach them how to communicate their feelings and emotions, and allow them to understand what they’re feeling or thinking? Do you offer them tools to help them when they can’t find their words?

Have you ever considered how your kids perceive emotions, physical health, mental health, mood management, boundaries, personal space, actions and consequences, or their own wellbeing – and how these influence the different areas of their life – by how you approach, and manage, these areas of your own life?

It’s easy to forget they weren’t born with all the tools and knowledge that they need to navigate their world, and themselves. This comes with growth and experience – and who better to learn from than their parents?

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Crystals to Shift your Vibration!

Hey Beauties! It’s that time of year when we start to bring out our summer clothes, clear out the clutter and get our summer glow on! ☀️☀️☀️ (at least for us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway 😜) Its also that time of year when we want to dump that heavy energy that we have been carrying around with us. It’s time to declutter our energy field and air out our Soul! ✨🙏💛

Its Operation Shift Your Vibration time!!!! 😁🙏🏻☀️✨ I’ve chatted about ‘Vibration’ in a few posts, and how it’s relevant to how you feel and your overall health and well-being, so here are some of my favourite crystals, as well as some other tips, for giving your vibration a joyful, airy and uplifting boost!

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Crystal Healing

SPRING Holistic Healing Course Sale!!

SPRING Holistic Healing Course SaleSPRING Holistic Healing Course Sale!! I took a teeny-tiny break from social media to spend some time with my girl while she has been on school vacation as it’s the last one before the new babe joins our little family, but also to get some of the course updates that I have been working on rolled out. I’ve also been working on some exciting stuff for October (possibly a new self-healing challenge that involves getting to know your crystals…), and despite being hit by a bout of bronchitis this past week, I’m feeling all of the Spring feels!

I love working on updates to my online courses, not only because it keeps my content fresh, up to date, and exciting, but it’s also a way for me to continue giving back to those who choose to study energetics and healing with me! Even after you have completed your course and received your certification, you will continue to receive any new content or additional updates made to your course long after completion!!

This batch of updates included;

  • additional content, new lessons, and learning resources for Usui Reiki Practitioner level course
  • new modules, lessons, and resources for Elevate your Life course
  • additional content and image updates for Transpersonal Crystal Healing Course

Over the next month I’ll be working on updates for my Tarot course and launching a brand NEW course!! But, to get into the swing of Spring things and get excited about all of the new updates that have been keeping me busy the last couple months, I have marked down the three updated courses and they will be on sale for a limited time! So, if you’ve been eyeing out any of these courses – NOW is the time to get your hands on them before they go back to their regular price.

Read more “SPRING Holistic Healing Course Sale!!”