Animal Medicine: Be stealthily innocent this week!

animal-medicine-wherehumrestsIt’s been a while since I’ve done an Animal Medicine reading and this morning I was completely pulled to my deck.. and now I see why!!
Before I had even finished shuffling, these two jumped out! This is clearly something important‼️

Porcupine medicine is often a reminder to embrace and nurture our inner child, remembering how it felt to be carefree and innocent. Weasel medicine encourages us to look beyond the surface into the “hidden meanings” of things, reminding us that we hold the power to see things for what they are and not have the “wool pulled over our eyes”. Hmmm.. some may think these two are quite opposite, yes maybe.

✨ But I think we’re being reminded to take a step back from the situation, assess things from an innocent perspective (one that isn’t clouded by the opinions and judgements we’ve gained from adulthood), and quietly observe before making the next move! ✨🙌☀️✅

Don’t get too caught up in the race of being an adult that you make rash decision, often decisions that don’t feel right or true to you.. it’s okay to consider your options, identify and understand the intentions of those involved and then make decisions that feel right for you. 🍄🌸💗

If we want win-win situations, we need to make win-win decisions – for ourself first, and then others. If something feels off, it usually is. Be open to trusting your intuition and you may be surprised what you uncover! ✨💫⭐️
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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