Affirmations for Self-Healing

Hello Lovelies!! Do you know just how POWERFUL affirmations are???

26-affirmations-wherehumrestsI’ve come to realize just how few people actually know how powerful affirmations are!! So, I’ve decided to do a series for you Lovelies on my social pages (links on page) – Affirmations for Self-Healing!! Day #1 Affirmation below.
I’d love you all to come follow along, and let these powerful affirmations resonate with you, and have a powerful impact on your life. I will post one affirmation every day, for the next 26 days. Please feel free to share the love and use the hashtag #26affirmations.

A big part of my Elevate your Life Course curriculum covers the beautiful power of Affirmations, and how we can use them to empower, reinvent and heal ourselves, and create the lives that we want to live!!!

Affirmations are thoughts, ideas, and stories that you tell yourself. They’re a way of changing your thought patterns (subconscious) mirror your consciousness (actions and behaviours) to create your ultimate reality. Affirmations are a wonderful way to change your reality. When you re-programme your consciousness, you reinvent yourself, and this is the ultimate goal of self-healing and personal development.

Through a daily practice of affirmations, we can reinvent ourselves. When you say these affirmations, they influence how you think, your emotions and how you feel, and how you experience the world (your perceptions). Affirmations can have positive influences on your personal relationships, helping them (and you) become more nurturing, more loving and compassionate. Affirmations influence our social interactions and how you interact with society. Affirmations influence your physical body, mental body and even the environments that you find yourself in.

Our first affirmation to kickstart our #26affirmations to self-healing is about acceptance, for our self.
Often, we attempt to achieve self-acceptance but highlight the negatives. It’s easy to find faults but this leads to us never fully being satisfied with how we are / look / feel. Today’s affirmation is about choosing to accept how you are, TODAY, because how you perceive yourself today, is how you will be tomorrow. Change your perception, and you may be surprised to find that the person looking back at you in the mirror IS actually as beautiful as everyone says you are! 💕

26-affirmations-wherehumrestsTell yourself: “Today I will accept myself just as I am. I will reaffirm that I am a beautiful person, just as I am. Today I accept myself, just as I am. I will reaffirm that I am a wonderful person, just as I am. Today I will accept myself, just as I am. I will love myself, just as I am. Today I am grateful for being created as I am. Knowing this I will see the world just as it is. I will accept the world just as it is. And in the clarity of this awareness, I will feel peace, harmony, laughter and love”. 🙏🏼💗

Feel free to share the love with someone who needs it today. The more frequently you practice affirmations, the more powerful they will become as a tool to change your everyday reality.
~ Love & Light, Kerry. xx
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