Affirmations for the new BLACK Moon

black-moon-affirmations-wherehumrestsCan you believe it’s the new moon already!! Gosh, I feel like it was just yesterday when we held out full moon ceremony! 🌕

As most of you lovelies know, I’m not a moon expert but I’ve always been connected to her magical energy and believe whole-heartedly in setting new intentions with the new moon!! 🌟💛💫

This morning when connecting with my spirit family, three themes came up for this new period ~ embarking on new adventures, financial worries and searching for love!!

Tonight is a BLACK MOON, a super powerful moon for relationships and new ventures!! Whooohoo!! 🌑🌸

If any of these resonate with you, here are some affirmations to help you along your way to setting crystal, clear intentions and helping your thoughts match those intentions 🙏🏼💕
✨ “I am blessed with abundance. I am successful in all of my business pursuits. My actions come from a loving place and have beneficial results for myself and others. I am fortunate. I appreciate and enjoy my prosperity”.
✨ “I am prosperous and abundant in all of my endeavors. I have limitless potential, and I fulfill my highest purpose. I naturally attract whatever I need to be joyously successful. I earn unlimited income doing what I love”.
✨ “I am love, and all that surrounds me and all that is attracted to me is love. I look within and love all aspects of myself exactly as I am. I attract love, joy, and happiness into my life, and I am comforted”.

If you would like a personalized reading, reach out and let’s connect. Today and Tomorrow ONLY $15 / R200!! 🙌🌕
~ Love & Light, Kerry. 💕

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