Affirmations Self-Healing: Bonding

Love and be love today, for in the infinite circle of life, we are all one.

26affirmations-wherehumrestsToday’s ‘Affirmations for Self-Healing’ comes from Deepak Chopra, and teaches us to put our differences aside, to acknowledge that we are all one and the same.

💕Say “Today I will bond with others knowing that the other is myself, just in disguise. Through this bond of communion, I will connect with the web of relationships that creates the whole universe. I will experience this bonding with deep listening, I will listen with my heart, mind, and soul. I will notice and appreciate the good qualities of people around me. I will express my love and bonding through gestures, words, and actions. I will not try to judge or evaluate how others feel, I will just feel what they feel. And through this empathetic resonance, I will commune with all that is eavesdropping on the mind of god. Today I will bond with others, knowing that the other is myself in disguise”.

💗Love and be love today, we could all use it! 💕
~ Kerry. xx
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