~ The ‘work-life’ balancing act ~

IMG_3332“Don’t get too caught up in the rigidity of routine and structure, allow yourself some freedom to explore, experience and engage”. 🐞💬

I shared this quote on Facebook this morning as part of a challenge that I was nominated to participate in, little did I know that this mornings reading would follow the same message. 💫✨ I love #synchronicity so much🌟🙏🏼

We’re being reminded to find the balance between work and play this week. We can become so consumed by the daily grind, tough decisions and overloading work that we forget to embrace the fun in life. It may be challenging at times to find this balance between work and our personal lives, but doing so does wonders for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Being a momma, starting my own business and making sure everyone is okay, while still finding time to myself can get tough!! I still find myself putting things off because something else ‘more important’ comes up… so yea, I’ve been there. 👆

We’re being gently nudged to stop procrastinating, to take our power back and take action! If you’re finding it difficult to make a decision, ask for help. Make lists, delegate tasks, remove what isn’t necessary and book that trip that you’ve been wanting to go on, buy that book you’ve been wanting to read or pitch that idea that you’ve been day-dreaming about for months! 🔑 Whatever your desired outcome, whatever it is that you are longing to achieve ~ physical, intellectual, financial, emotional or spiritual ~ you are responsible for your choices that get you there, and when you honour yourselves by making those decisions that are right for YOU, you may just be pleasantly surprised by the outcome! 🙏🏼 Go out, get it, do it, book it, write it, create it – just do what makes you happy, do what makes your heart sing. The only person stopping you, is YOU! 💙

~ Namaste

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