2018 New Year Manifesting Ritual

Before we made the transition into 2018, I made a rule that I would have a zero-tolerance attitude on negativity!! I want only magical things, people, situations, and vibes surrounding me this year!

As part of my New Year ritual every year, which I start on Dec 28th, I intuitively select a power stone that I will work with for the year – and this year it was Pyrite! (Last years stone was Hematite).

Each of our energies and vibration interacts differently with different crystals, especially when we are working towards different goals. As our vibration changes, so our interaction with a particular crystal changes.

By working with a power stone, whether over a month, a week, or a lifetime, we can tune into the high vibes, support, Healing, and guidance that the our power stone has to offer us – making sure we always feel our absolute best!

Pyrite for me represents all things magical and sparkly, so it was a wonderful validation for me when I was drawn to work with its energy this year! 🤩🙌🌟✨💫

The three pieces you see in the image I worked with, had in my space, and dedicated to my 5-day NY ritual. I have now strung the more druzy piece which I wear around my neck every day, and will continue to do for the rest of the year. The other two will be in my workspace to remind me of the magic I am creating in my life every day!!

It’s not to late to do a NY ritual if you haven’t yet – in fact, it’s never too late to set your intentions for your AMAZING 2018 and put in place the actions to make it happen!!

And because I love you and want to see your life filled with just as much magic, I’ve made my 5-day ritual available for purchase for only $11!! To purchase this ebook, click here.

Have a magical day, Beauty! Kerry. Xx

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