Welcome to life changing transformation

“You inspire, ignite and fan the flames. Thank you for leading me home.”

Welcome to the School of Energy, to the place where ancient wisdom meets the modern need for rapid transformation. Here, I will guide you through the depths of your soul, places that most people can’t see, feel and will never venture.

From the depths of your body, your emotional coding, and your luminous energy field, you will begin to reconnect with the person who you really are and explore all of the incredible things that you are capable of, because deep within you lies purpose, connection and unlimited potential. Your inner compass has brought you here and It’s time to see yourself, to return to your fire and to experience who you and the life you are meant to be living by showing up as that every single day!

This is what your soul has been yearning for.


I know this because thousands of people all over the world, just like you, have sat where you are right now, feeling and thinking the exact same thing and then suddenly, they find the School of Energy and everything that they were looking for is right there. Staring them in the face.

This is the place where the impossible becomes real .

Clients have called my programmes powerful, electric, beyond psychedelics, truly life changing and miraculous. These are people just like you. Infact, they’ve done all the psychotherapy, body therapy, energy healing, plant medicine, silent retreats, dark retreats, followed spiritual paths and are well versed in many, many modalities. They read all the books and saw all the experts. Hell, some of them are the ‘experts’ (I work with a lot of therapists, trauma healers, energy medicine practitioners, coaches, consciousness leaders, CEO’s, founders, teachers, researchers, doctors, etc). They truly believed they were taking the right actions by trying everything. I get it, I did that too! But years go by and they found themselves repeating the same patterns and frustrated after not having made much progress. Core issues remain held in the nervous system, unconscious trauma remains buried, self limiting beliefs still hold them hostage. This all gets played out subconsciously in your lives, careers and relationships.

Sound familiar?

I’m here to help you recognise and resolve the root causes, access the depth of your body’s wisdom and healing capacity and enable you to feel embodied divinity through every cell of your being. You will reconnect with the healer and divinity that has always been within you as I unlock and teach you how to master your energetics. I am here to cut through the noise and give you complete clarity, a straight and direct path to your soul purpose, unparalleled depth of shamanic and energetic healing and a transformation that will leave you feeling like a new person. The depth I work at is globally unparalleled and definitely not for the faint hearted. You need to come ready and prepared to do the work, feel deeper than you ever have before and conquer your fear. 

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.


“I unburied childhood memories and healed trauma from sexual abuse that I had been holding in my body that I was completely unaware of! It was profound, radical, clear, loving and TRANSFORMATIONAL! I highly recommend any of Kerry’s programs because she is not only an amazing, knowledgeable mentor she leads and teaches with grace and kindness. The impact of these changes on my life after just six weeks is truly incredible!” – Terusha, South Africa.

“I began working with Kerry at School of Energy a year ago when I embarked on the “Walking the Path of the Medicine Woman” journey. Kerry is an old soul with such a calming, angelic demeanor – yet a strong center and such deep wisdom. She has a way of guiding you to your truth, assisting you in having incredibly profound realisations and breakthroughs that you DIDN”T EVEN KNOW YOU NEEDED! As our shaman’s path of initiation was coming to a close, I began studying with her to receive my Lightarian Reiki™ Masters program. My heart has been cracked wide open and I am finding my alignment, truth, and my center. Kerry holds so much knowledge and so much love – it has been a blessing and an absolute honor to work with her. I could not recommend her more!” – Tara, USA.

“Terrifying, electric and liberating! I have never in my life experienced such deep and profound healing. Kerry makes everything relatable to the day-to-day experience, while passing on such deep wisdom that cuts through the b-s! I am humbled and exalted!! This program shook me to my core – but boy am I glad I committed to myself and continued to show up!” – Khala, UK.

“The last two years have been transformational for me. I have seen, done and experienced things I have never been exposed to before, it hit me at my core. I had experienced many hardships and losses, which left me feeling alone, isolated, confused, scared and lost. Slowly I starting putting some practices in place to help me understand everything and help me cope. Along the way the way, I always felt I needed a mentor or a teacher help me put things into perspective and help me put my ‘puzzle’ together. Shortly after wards I came across the “School of Energy” on Instagram. My Angels had answered my prayers! A school that could help me understand my energy and how to work with it. I started my first program with Kerry and it was just MIND BLOWING. We worked through the core teachings of me being able to understand everything in my life and put things into perspective – this was truly life changing. It brought about a radicle change in me… and for this I am very greatful. There is no greater power than being able to connect to yourself and understand yourself. I was able to complete my program during the Covid19 pandemic, which has had such a tremendous impact on me dealing with the current state the world at this time. I also saw what a positive impact it had had on me and my family and my home. It has been a truly phenomenal experience. I have acquired so much knowledge and have been equipped with so many healing tools it’s amazing. It has awakened in me another amazing side I never knew existed. Thank you Kerry at the School of Energy for empowering me and teaching me to be my own healer. I am so grateful that I can go out and now help others self-heal! Your knowledge and teachings are phenomenal and are highly commendable! Thank you for sharing this gift with us. I highly reccomend working with Kerry, she’s simply magic!” – Michelle, Portugal.

“What an absolutely incredible, magical, weekend. I am feeling empowered, strong, raw, rinsed, whole and beyond grateful. What a phenomenal group of warrior women who I am so grateful to have shared this space with. Kerry, the container you created was surreal, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced – especially with other women! Thank you for holding us in so much love and for sharing your powerful medicine with us, I am honoured and privileged. Thank you.” – Tam, South Africa.

My programs are for you if;

1) You’re aware that you carry trauma, are actively working on healing yourself and looking to understand and resolve the root causes.

2) You’re willing to be emotionally available, vulnerable, expressive and open in order to release your pain. 

3) You’re ready to face your fears and actively work through resistance, distractions and avoidance tactics.

4) You’re excited about real transformational healing, embodied self illumination and ready to step into your true unlimited potential.

5) You’re determined to heal and become the best version of yourself for you, your family and your life.

6) You are ready to dive deep into uncovering generational trauma, to re-claim the past and re-write the future for yourself and past and future generations.

7) You’re seeking radical self-mastery and empowerment from within that leads to lasting and sustainable change.

8) You’re excited to learn and implement powerful healing techniques to transform your mind, body, emotions and spirit. 

9) You are ready for deep, powerful and life changing work and you don’t make excuses or externalise your pain.

10) You are willing and able to invest financially in your own healing and growth.